10 Best Wardrobe Handle Details

We sometimes tend to ignore the importance of tiny details that can make a huge difference to the entire look of any product. An amazingly done room could be put-off by a small error in some detailing. The detailing actually forms a crucial part of the design. We at H2Designo today are going to show to 10 effective and different wardrobe handles which will compliment the interiors of the rest of your bedroom. Below is a list of some of our favourite wardrobe handle details that we have come across. We hope they work for you’ll too. Remember you do not need a very loud handle to make it look classy and perfect.

1This stunning wooden handle from architectural lab gives a seamless look to the wardrobe visually. These wooden strips take a bend to form the handle, which automatically creates a niche for your hand to get a grip.


A very contemporary door with a visible black niche handle detail adds a design element to the wardrobe.


Groove handle detail within the wardrobe shutters creates an effortless graphic design on them.


Bronze handle with a plate behind stands out on the leather panelled shutter conveying a great sense of scheme.


Sliding door handle detail finished with brushed metal strips on the edges making it look complete.


The anodized Elmes handle itself is very elegant discovering this sharp and bold look of the wardrobe.

7We think these evident high bronze handles could work amazingly for long wardrobes making them look sophisticated.


Skilled wooden handle with an angular detail gives a pleasing clean look.


This handle we like because it is very rightly maintaining the trend of the wardrobe. You would not know the handle was placed right there if the colour was not changed. Quite creative we feel.


Groove created within the shutter makes the wardrobe finish very clean and crisp. A thumbs up always.

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