10 Most Common Home Decorating Mistakes

We at H2Designo today guide you on the 10 most common home decorating mistakes everybody makes. These mistakes are made quite unknowingly, we thus give you tips on how to avoid them.

It Looks Amazing But Not So Comfortable Piece Of Furniture

uncomfortable furniture

Your browsing your market because you know that you want to pick up something new and nice for your home and there you spot a rather ravishing and mesmerizing piece of furniture. Interior décor is more like your Stiletto heels – Oh So Beautiful but still so Impractical. If you cannot relax or walk in it its beauty is of no use. So do not get carried away by a rather good-looking piece of furniture. Test its practicality before purchasing it.

The Currently Trending Piece
The furniture currently trending in the market looked amazing in the store and magazine, but you forgot to check if it looked great in your house!? Do not make the mistake of taking a hasty decision. The trending piece will not go out of fashion or the store overnight. Take a breath calculate alittle in your mind and make sure the piece your purchasing is going to set a Trend in your home too and not just the magazine or store.

The Mistaken Wall Colour

mistaken wall colour

Before painting an entire wall the colour you desire, paint a swatch of it. The colour we see in the can will not necessarily match your décor. Do not paint it completely and regret it later. It is always better to try and test before taking the plunge.

Your Impromptu Dream Lifestyle Purchase

misfitting furniture

We all dream of a certain lifestyle, a certain things we wish we always had. An opportunity arises and we just randomly pick up that Dream Purchase. Do not do that. Do not pick up an oversized chair because you always wanted one and could suddenly afford one. Make sure it fits well in your current location. Do not make your dream purchase your biggest regret.

The Super Complicated Organizing System
Do not make your organizing system so complicated that after a given point even you forget what your system was actually meant to be. You rather have a simple organizing system which is easy to maintain and will not create hassels for you.

The Unwanted Flora
Just like the trendy piece of furniture, the plant looked great somewhere else but created a disastrous effect on your home. Do not forget to check the lighting availability or the space availability in your home before heading to a nursery. Do not make the mistake of purchasing a new plant and realizing that somebody in your family is allergic to it. A wise purchase has never done as much harm as a rather uncalculated one has.

The Cliché Art

cliche art

Your wall should definitely have a special piece of art on it but make sure it is rather meaningful. Make sure it does not steal focus from the things you actually wish to make the focal point in your room. Make sure the wall backing it also compliments it. Do not just put a piece of art to fill up that wall.

Crisp White

too much white

It looks so beautiful indeed and blends perfectly with your décor but you forgot to check if you had the patience and time for cleaning and maintaining it. White is beautiful but requires immense maintenance too. Also only whites used can be rather boring and simple always add some other colour to make your white look even better. Check upon that.

That Disastrous DIY
It looked so easy and amazing on pinterest. But realization dawns aupon you and you know that maybe your not that crafty. Time to let the experts takeover. Certain things are best done by professionals, do not try your hand on it and feel disheartened.

The Maybe Some Other Time


Your chair is about to break anytime and the ceiling will leak like just any minute. You do not have the budget for it now and think it’s better to go for a vacation. Once your back you realize it was better to have invested in fixing the things you knew were going to fall apart. Maybe that wall immediately needs something to make it look complete, but you delay purchasing that perfect painting. Do not let that maybe some other time always takeover.

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