10 Trendy Casegoods


Casegoods are generally furniture pieces made of hard materials like metal, glass, wood etc, that are built with interior compartments for storage. Casegoods not just act as an object of storage but can add so much appeal to the interiors. A correctly selected casegood can be a real showstopper. We show you 10 trendy casegoods that will surely make you want one for yourself. So go ahead and invest in these beautiful pieces and you will surely not get disappointed.

Gold Casegood
Generally people prefer using a console for decorative purpose but a casegood seems to be a better option because not only does it look after the aesthetic aspect but also accommodates storage to a great level.

Black Casegood

Casegoods are available in a variety of materials including wicker, chrome, wrought, stainless steel, plastic, glass, wire and laminates. A good looking piece can never do injustice to any space. It is important to choose a material, style and look that best suits your décor.


The mosaic art of using small bits of tiles, glass or any other material arranged decoratively is not just restricted to floors and walls but is seen often in furniture pieces too. We must say it creates quite a magic. The Mosaic Style Casegood indeed is an eye-catcher.


Well if your interiors are rather usual and you wish to add coour to your space the unusual way they go ahead with a casegood that lightens up your colour fantansy. Yellow being our personal favourite but you could opt for any colour which suits your needs. Colour Play the Casegood way is a good idea.


This simply so pretty casegood will merge with your overall decor. It will definitely fulfill the requirements of a casegood in a silent yet fancy manner. We quite like it!


The rather ethnic styled casegood is something which will not match all styles. It is a beauty in itself but something which needs thought before placing in your interiors. If not done correctly it could create a mismatch. So choose wisely.

White & Black

See the golden coloured handles of the caseggod!? Well thats the real beauty of this piece. It is beautifully complementing the black and white and adding that Glamour to this piece. It is a great piece not just to place at your home but also for your office.

Console Style

Well if you are missing your console tables then how about this multi-purpose casegood which not only serves the storage aspect but looks quite like a console table as well.

All Black

Bold, Black & Beautiful are three words that always go together. We totally Love!


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