Eclectic Style Interiors

Eclectic style is a combination of styles in order to design an environment which will have an artistic taste, specific connective element and a great look, all looking like one great design. Eclectic Interiors can rightly be defined as the selection of what is the best in various other styles.…

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The Lego Inspired Kids Bedroom

Lego is one of the most popular and best selling toys of all times. It is undeniably a household name all over the world. It is immense fun for children and is also fun for adults of all ages. Lego has a wooping history dating back over 80 years. So…

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All About Wallpapers


Wallpaper Decor help to create the perfect backdrop for statement pieces and grand furniture combinations. Your wallpaper can be as subtle or exotic as possible. There are various colours and designs available in the market from floral, plaster effects, damask, stripes, brocade, trellis, mosaics, baroque motifs, animations, cartoons etc. Today…

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Marvel Themed Interiors

marvel details

This unique project is designed by House Design, which is a Taiwan based interior design firm. The owner of the apartment wished to have a space where he could come back from work and relax and unwind. It looks rather industrial, bearing in mind the Marvel Themed Apartment which would…

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Grandmama’s Cafe, Mumbai

Facade of Grandmama's Cafe

We happened to visit Grandmama’s Cafe on one of the lazy Sunday’s and guess what the place so lives up to the feel. The entrance is extremely eye-catching, I mean how often do we see a bicycle pinned to the signboard. It was actually one of the best things at…

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