Rustic Decor: Nature Redefined!

As we all know, history repeats itself, such was a time when people admired for plastered wall in spite of those bare wooden walls and when we have achieved it all in these concrete jungles, people are running back to even manage to have a little touch of nature. All…

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A Visit To Budapest – Travel Diary

Most often we come across people who love to travel and of which a lot of them also have the passion to pen down their travel diaries. Today we will be sharing with you the travel diary of Mr. Umesh Vakharia a passionate traveller, who is actually a Teacher by Profession. It…

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Sensible Tricks For Small Kitchen Storage

kitchen storage

Fed up of the utensils, food products and spices lying around haphazardly in your kitchen along with the jam packed cabinets? Need to troubleshoot these problems and want to have a more organized kitchen? You just need to utilize all the spaces around your kitchen more sensibly and you would…

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The New Facebook Office In Mumbai

office waiting

Facebook opens its first 22,000 sq ft office in Mumbai at BKC. Facebook’s Menlo Park office is the largest open office plan in the world and they have carried forward their open office culture in their Mumbai office as well with well designed micro cafeterias and breakout zones. Further the…

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Portside Café- For The Love Of Leather

portside cafe

Blogger Priyal Sood takes us through an amazing visit of the Portside Café store in Bangalore, showing us some of their most amazingly designed leather products, furniture and accessories. Since its inception in 2007, by interior designer Bobby Aggarwal, Portside Café has created a luxurious collection of over 400 uniquely…

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