5 Best Ways Of Decorating Empty Corner Spaces

mirror corner

We all love having a newly renovated home. We cannot wait to see the final output of our Dream Room and our imagination coming to life. But when we finally get a room furnished and think its DONE, is the time we spot that empty and lonely corner in the room which catches all our attention and desperately needs to be filled. Only when the room is completely finished the blank space grabs all our attention. Most of the times empty corners are necessary to give that space and break from feeling overcrowded but other times it just feels empty and need to be decorated. You do not necessarily have to make the space crowded and add huge furniture pieces but you can always decorate on a smaller scale that makes the room Complete without taking up too much space.
We at H2Designo today are going to share with you 5 ideas for decorating those empty corner spaces in the most apt manner to make your space feel more connected to the rest of the room. So fill up all those spaces right behind your sofas or any other corner which looks empty in your hood.



Adding a single houseplant can rather fill up that void corner in an organic and colourful manner. Incase you are somebody who does not love the large sizes you could club up a number of houseplants to make a good looking corner of greens.


lamps and vignette

An oversized lamp has never gone wrong with decorating a space. It is an immediate eye-catcher for any visitor. Along with lamps small grouping of objects (known as vignette) can add a lot of character to any unused space. Vignette is a great way to show off and display objects you love. It is a great way to pull the entire space together.



Adding shelves to the corners can do wonders in respect to storage as well as a beautiful display to the corner. Incase you do not want the shelves to look too heavy paint them the same colour as the wall inorder to neutralize the total look. Also make sure you do not stuff the shelves with too many items.



Art is a great option for filling up any empty corner in the home because it not only creates a light focal point but also adds a lot of visual interest without taking up any sort of floor space.



If you have enough space a cozy reading nook always looks awesome, tucked away in a corner with silence and privacy. Incase you do not have that much space then a small side chair can help you fill the void.
Another idea is a cute hanging chair right in the corner. It adds fun and whimsy to the corner but keeps the floor space open giving a more open feeling to the corner.

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