5 Most Common Myths Relating To Small Spaces

small spaces

We bust some of the most common myths relating to small spaces. Generally we are asked to compromise on the personality of the space, just so that we can have an illusion of a few more inches of room. We teach you on how to do the things correctly so that you can make your space look the size it is, without compromising on the style aspect of the space.

Do Not Use Dark Colours

Using Dark Colours

This is one the most common myths relating to spaces. People believe that a dark coloured wall will automatically make any space look dull and small. Well but the fact is that if used correctly a dark hue can actually enhance architectural features. If used in the right sense it adds depth to the space making it look a little larger than the room actually is. It adds the much needed intimacy to any space.

Use Only Small Furniture

Using Only Small Furniture

Small furniture can be quite uncomfortable and off proportion. Do not fill up the room with too many small pieces just for the accommodation of it. Instead focus on few but full size and impactful furniture pieces.

You Cannot Have A Dining Space

Dining Space

Dining rooms as per us are pretty essential. They not only provide a place for conversation and meal with family but also entertainment. They function as workplaces too so why give a miss to this element. You may not be able to fit in a table for 8-10 but you can surely go for the smaller sizes. Keep it simple, streamlined and tailored and make sure it has that needed wow-factor.

Get Rid Of Everything


For some people keeping it minimal is the best option but for others who love books, objects, art, frames etc need that aspect despite of space missing. These items tend to add the soul to the space and are a beautiful way to accessorize. So do not shy away from adding those shelves on the walls and corners. They will not take up the room space but instead only decorate your walls.

Do Not Use Patterns

Using Patterns

A pattern allover draws attention around a room, making it more interesting and can actually distract from the size of the space. Just like the fear of patterned walls, a lot of us hesitate from combining patterns. It is a myth that the patterns will be too strong. Do a thing by experimenting the wall with your bedspreads and believe us you will be shocked to see how nice it looks.

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