5 Most Luxurious Bathtubs

Bathtubs are quite a way of adding that luxurious tinch to your bathrooms. A perfect bathtub is nothing but a combination of Style, Luxury & Comfort. Always select a bathtub in accordance to the size of your bathroom and in harmony with the rest of your room. The size of a bathtub is a crucial element in determing the comfort level it offers. Do not opt for  a wrong sized tub just so that you could save an inch of space in your bathroom. Invest once and for all and invest wisely. Form of the bathtub must not kill its functionality. An uber cool bathtub, which does not allow you to sink your skin in the water and ward away from the rest of the world is practically of no good use. Make sure your bathtub is one which makes you feel like never wanting to get out of it.  At H2Designo today we display to you 6 Bathtubs we totally adore:

The Baldi Amethyst Bathtub

Amethyst Bathtub

The material used for the bathtub is called Amethyst which is a rare gemstone just like ruby, emerald, diamond and sapphire dating back to the 18th century. This bathtub costs a wooping $121200 and comes with 24-karat gold legs. You literally get what you pay for. This bathtub is the pure definition of the saying by Nate Berkus- “A Home Should Tell Your Story, What We Live With Says Something About Us”

The Shoe Bathtub

The Shoe Bathtubs

Every girls dream is to get her hand on those perfect heels and the above picture is probably the most comfortable stiletto you will ever step into. These mosaic-tiled bathtubs, shaped like Stilettos are named “Audrey” and were introduced by  The Italian “art factory” SICIS. The power of stilettos is undeniable and it was proven true yet again.

The Hammock Bathtub

Hammock Bathtub

What if that feeling of laying on a hammock in the Maldives Beaches could be brought to your homes. Oh yes! These hammock bathtubs make you feel like you are probably on a holiday every single day. A bathtub is anyways comfort at its best and the look of this bathtub adds to the uber comfort feeling. We totally love this. Can i take it home, pleasee!!

Animal Print Bathtub

Animal Print Bathtub

Chic Style never got out of fashion. This daring zebra print bathtub by Aquamass  is style understated. It is rightly said by Coco Chanel “Luxury  must be comfortable, otherwise it is not Luxury” A bathtub is no more all about just bathing it is a deadly combination of Luxury and Comfort.

Polished Rose Quartz Bathtub

polised rose quartz bathtub

There is not much that can be said for this image. This beauty of a stone converted into a bathtub can never go wrong. Along with the perfect design it can make the perfect bathroom for anybody, anywhere.


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