6 Innovative Storage Solutions You Cannot Miss

Who says storage got to be dull looking and monotonous. H2designo brings to you Livinbox a Company based in Taiwan, offering lifestyle storage solutions which are not only spacious but aesthetically appealing making storage solutions a lot more fun. It is a great combination of design, colour and utility.

The Company designs products from the customers’ point of view, by finding the simplest way to build an ideal home for objects. They redefine the appearance and functionality of traditional cabinet system and balance people’s life with beauty and humanity.

We had a chance to visit them and bring to you their 6 best storage solutions we completely loved with respect to quality and design. However that’s our opinion what’s yours ? Read our article and give us your opinion on the poll or feel free to comment below.

1.  Colourful Nest Storage

storage solutions

2.  A cute riding buggy along with sitting pad that will provide your kid with an enjoyable ride as well.

kids storage car

3. DIY modular storage boxes that can be assembled and placed at your convenience.

cube storage

4. Storage stools and cube storage system making a great combination of utility and aesthetics. cube box storage

5. Multi stacking boxes

lateral box storage

6. Toy Storage

toy storage



  1. Sapna Chheda

    Its pretty looking. Especially the riding buggy.

  2. Mohini

    This is such a pleasant change from boring looking old-school storage. Love how easy it is on the eyes. Looks like it is designed very practically. Good stuff!

  3. Kresha

    The article is quite intresting and fun to look at.It gives a really good insight on storage solutions.

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