6 Ways To A Decorative Wall


Today at H2Designo we are going to talk about how you can make your homes even more attractive by filling up those empty walls. Empty walls are a great space to experiment upon. We give you 6 Ways To A Decorative Wall. You can use a single wall to light up the entire area and make the entire room come to life. What we truly believe in here is when you have a large wall space which needs to be Loved the top three ideas to work upon them are – Paint a full Accent Wall, Gallery Wall or hang a large piece of art upon it. This all depends on your taste and style.
At H2Designo we give you 6 best ways of designing that rather empty wall in your hood.



The most apt place to have a gallery wall is over a sofa or above a headboard/bed. But when it comes to hanging these frames upon a large awkward wall or stairway it becomes quite a challenging event. All you need to do is select 10+ frames perfect in size and shape and in harmony with each other. A wall gallery is more like a run through of the millions of memories we store in our life. So think of the best way and select your best pictures and hang them up on that wall.


abstract paintings

The simplest way of decorating that wall up is by placing a large, beautiful and impactful abstract painting or canvas on the wall. One good idea which H2Designo quite likes is bringing your family together in order to complete that canvas of yours. So come together over the weekend and try as hand on the crazy canvas. You can also find inexpensive paintings and canvas in the market.



Are you an avid reader?? The best way to doll up that wall is then a super cool library. But make sure there is enough space around the wall area for you to move around and take your books. All you need to do is keep it simple! Shelf it up and fill it with all the books you could read almost forever. Have a lovely sofa or couch right infront of your library sip your hot chocolate and loose yourself in the tales of your books. You can keep a rather unfinished look thus not spending a lot, getting your favourite books and filling up that empty wall. Bingo we say!!!



A highlight wall never goes wrong. Look around at your room, pick up a matching colour and just paint that wall. You can use a simple texture or a rather loud one depending on your taste. You could also have accent lighting on that wall to brighten it up and make it the most attractive part of your space.


tiles frame

How we look those beautifully textured tiles. They are a complete eye-candy in every manner. So we say if you have an empty wall and are willing to tile it up please go ahead and select from the wide variety available in the market. Make sure you do not overdo it and select the tiles which go well with the feel and look of your space.



A wall with your favourite quotes right infront of your eyes is such a motivation every single day. A lot of us love to have a new inspiration to look at every day. A simple quote or a few words on a wall not just brings out who you are but looks like a lovely wall décor. It is quite an inexpensive way of decorating a rather empty wall in an impactful manner.

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