7 Best Interior Design Ideas of 2015

We at H2Designo give you a quick recall on the 7 most amazing interior design ideas of the year 2015. Not like these ideas cannot be implied upon in the year 2016, but what better to give it a recap right before we windup the diaries of 2015.

The Dramatic Living Room

dramatic living room

Drama added in the correct proportion can do so much good to any given space. It was a trendsetter for the year 2015. How you add the drama, is upto you. So choose your kindof drama and bring it on.

A Seating With The View

swing with a view

A seating with a view is bliss at the doorstep. Do not hesitate from adding that swing or something more interesting to your home.

The Mesmerizing Outdoor Seating

outdoor seating

Outdoor Areas are moreover the places where you love to relax or hold all of your parties. Make sure the arrangement is nothing short of than mesmerizing. The perfect outdoor area can make you want to spend hours outside of your home literally.

A Classy Dining Area

the classy dining area

Classiness has never gone wrong has it!? Classy means as simple and elegant as possible yet so amazing to look at. The dining area is no wrong a place to indeed flash your classy taste.

The Bedroom With A Wow Factor

bedroom with wow factor

Every time you step into your room and the one thing which brings an instant smile to your face, is the Wow-Factor of your room. Ever gone to your room and had the feeling, Thank god I got this done!? Yes that is all what you need.

Unique Kids Room

unique kids bedroom

Kids love anything that’s latest. So pick up one element your kid is extremely fond of and make it a Unique Kids Room for your children. Make sure you do not forget the functionality aspect in here.

A Chic Kitchen

chic kichten

Kitchens can be made as chic as possible. Add colour to your area, or make use of mixed metals to give a rather different feel. Your kitchen is completely customizable so make the best of it.

The Perfect Bathroom


Be it your powder bathroom or a master bathroom, a perfectly designed bathroom is never a putoff. Functionality along with beauty are the two things to seek for to make the bathroom perfect.

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