7 Tips To Select Patio Furniture

Patio Furniture

Designing a Patio could be quite a challenge because it literally deals with bringing The Inside Out. It is about creating as comfortable atmosphere on the outside space of your homes as on the inside, bearing in mind the different weather conditions. The trick actually lies in selecting the correct Patio Furniture.



It is most important to first come in conclusion with the way you want your outdoor space to function. Would you like it to serve as a dinner for summer nights? Would you like it as a peaceful reading nook? Would you like it to be a host for major parties? Once you have decided this make a list of the furniture items you wish to place and the look you wish to choose. Picking a complete look from a magazine or Google would be of great inspiration. If you really wish to host casual evenings in the patio, do not opt for a formal look with dining table. The best is to go for ample of comfortable seatings, several side tables and a more fun look.

Outdoor Furniture

  • If you are opting for large furniture pieces, choose cushions with good springs so that the shape is retained for longer and you need not change your furniture every now and then.
  • Remember steel tends to rust while stainless steel and aluminum will not. Hence inspect the metal furniture before you make a decision. Sometimes you could take along a magnet to do so, but that does not always help.
  • Check your chairs to make sure they are solid and sturdy. You do not want furniture around you breaking soon. Make sure you pick up the most comfortable ones because the outdoor comfort is of utmost importance.
  • If you are opting for wooden pieces, run your hands along to make sure they are smooth and well sanded.
  • Opt for furniture assembled using stainless steel screws and make sure your tables and chair legs have rubber or plastic feet that do not scratch your patio or deck.

Easy Care

Easy Care Patio

Pick up easy-care patio furniture because you do not want your patio or outdoor space to be a space where you end up spending more time in maintaining the space rather than enjoying in that space. Most of the metal, teak, cedar and all-weather wicker furniture remain unfazed by whatever nature throws at them. These items can look wonderful for years. They may be more costly but its worth the investment.

Quality Investment- Comfort At Its Best

Outdoor Look

You literally get what you pay for, hence invest in quality products that will not only be comfortable but last longer. Comfort is extremely important. Yes of course steel or wood construction patio furniture will be more long lasting and stable but do not forget the comfort part of the space. If you miss on the comfort of soft, plush cushions for seating your outdoor furniture will go largely unused. Opting for chubby cushions that feel light along with polyester fillers are an al time winner. The more lightweight and springy the filler is, the more quickly will it dry out the outdoor moisture and be ready for use at all times without being too smelly.

Look Underfoot

Look Underfoot

Incase you do not have a deck or a proper flooring in the patio, ground the patio furniture by placing it on all-weather rugs. Many quick drying outdoor rugs are available in the market today. Soft underfoot and rich in texture outdoor rugs will lend comfort of the indoors to the outdoors. For flooring options you can put wooden tiles, wooden planks, concrete pavers etc. These will not only be able to bear weather conditions but also enhance the beauty of your outdoor space.

Do Not Miss The Shade

Fancy Patio

Sitting outside can be pretty unpleasant on a hot day especially if the furniture is not placed in the shade. The most natural way to do this is a big old shade tree. Incase you cannot accommodate to that use a crank-deployed umbrella, a motorized awning or opt for a permanent wood or fiberglass roof over your patio. Always have room for natural sheltering and refreshment as well.

Make It Flexible & Multi-Purpose


Pick up furniture pieces that can be moved easily and also can be used for more than one purpose. Have an ottoman that can be used as extra seating. Take benches can be used for meals and maybe for some games you wish to have fun with. Your umbrellas used for the shade should be movable easily incase you want a no-shade evening. Hence it is important to invest wisely in flexible and multi-purpose patio furniture

Keep The Furniture Integrated

Integrated Furniture

Lastly it is very crucial to keep your outdoor furniture integrated to the rest of your space. Yes, your outdoor space is an oasis of calm in the hectic world but do not forget that it is not an island located somewhere faraway from where you live. It is very much located in your property premises and a lot of times in view of neighbours and people walking by. Yes patio furniture has to be fun and carefree but make sure it does not spoil or clash with the rest of your home’s exterior. Do not spoil the overall appeal for your home by a laid-back exterior.

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