9 Feng Shui Tips For Your Homes


Home is where the Heart is. H2Designo today guides you through few Feng Shui tips that will help manage energy in the right way so that positive vibes can be captured, making your home a more peaceful, happy and prosperous place.

The Entrance


Place a nice painting, fountain or something visually appealing at the place of your entrance. The logic behind this is that the first thing you notice when you enter a residence, is one of the strongest filters the subconscious mind receives. Hence it is extremely important to make sure that what you see first is extremely refreshing and beautiful.

The Bathroom


Water is related to wealth and you obviously do not want your money being flushed away.your bathroom is the place where the water goes out of the home here. So as a tip we say that water that is drained does come back but once you are done using your toilet, keep the toilet seat cover down and the bathroom door closed to reduce any negativity.

A Baby’s Signal
Incase you are looking at purchasing a new property without a Vaastu or Feng Shui consultant, you can take a new born baby along with you. If the baby cries without any particular cause or external influence, it means that the premises do not carry positive energy fields. On the other hand, if the baby remains calm and does not cry, it indicates that the premises has a good vibe and aura.

The Tibetan Bell

tibetan bell

Ring the Tibetan Bell around your house every few days inorder to improve the overall energy levels at your home. This will empower all the positive energy surrounding your home, leading to long lasting prosperity.

The Name Plate
As per Feng Shui it is very important to keep a name plate with clearly written address and the number of your property on the outside wall of your home. This helpsto direct all opportunities towards your home and no ethereal opportunities will miss your way.

The Three Legged Toad

three legged toads

Place a model or statue of a Three Legged Toad facing your main door. This ancient Feng Shui symbol signifying wealth and prosperity, when placed facing the main door improves your earnings, savings and overall financial status.

Keep it Clean

clear the clutter

This is a well known fact to all of us and pretty simple too. Too much clutter in the house tends to trap too much negative energy. So get rid of all the trash. Also never keep any damaged or broken items like watches, ball pens, telephones, electronic items etc, in your homes because they carry unwanted negative energy. Get rid of these junk items and you will see how light and clean the aura of your home feels.

The Water & Fish

fish tank

Feng Shui considers floating fish and flowing water a very important and auspicious symbol. It is said to reduce negativity and invite positive vibes. Do not overdo this as it will result in energy imbalance. If you wish to install a water feature go for a small size one and try to keep the water moving and clean. You could also keep a small statue of fish at your home in the bedroom as it is known to avert misfortune.

The Placement

Place your bed in such a way that it does not face any mirror. Inshort you should not be able to see your reflection in the mirror while you sleep. In the kitchen do not place your stove directly across the sink. The dorrs and windows in your homes should ideally open inwards to welcome the auspicious Qi energy. Ensure that there is no tree facing the main door or the window of your home as it results in poor health of family members. Placement of objects thus has great significance in Feng Shui so do not go wrong there and allow all positivity to embrace your homes and lives.

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