Add Bling To Your New Year Party

With New Year’s on everybodys mind, we at H2Designo share with you today a few tips on how to get your home decorations in place for the New Year party. You can create a rather cheerful atmosphere by using these decoration ideas.

Hanging Ball Decoration

hanging ball decoration

So to make your home look new year ready have the amazing colourful balls hanging from top. They create the perfect party and festive atmosphere. Do not overdo it and make sure you hang them at the correct height else more than a party decoration it will become a hindrance for the party.

Shimmering New Year Streamers

new year streamers

Streamers especially the shimmer finished will add the glamour to your party. They are light yet can be so impactful in simply decorating up the room right.

Countdown Décor

countdown decor

Create a display of watches with some added accessories because you are sure to have all eyes on that area during the New Year countdown. How about making that space abit memorable!?

New Year Number Banner


Add the touch of drama by hanging a 2016 banner some place it is quite noticeable. Make sure everyone around knows the year 2016 is hitting on.

Photobooth Décor


Create a cute photo booth area. It is a favourite among everyone. Give them a better reason to click innumerable selfies and pictures. When they look back they will definitely always remember this booth.

Noisemaker Counterpieces


It’s the new years hitting in you have to bring it on with a bang. So make sure you have enough of those colourful noisemaker counterpieces to make the countdown so memorable.

Masks And Wearables


To add to the drama of the photo booth you could have multiple masks and other wearables like the 2016 glasses or other funky glasses. Go wild with the hats. Make sure every element is extremely funfilled.

Tableware & Drinkware

drinkware and tableware

Say cheers to the new years with those colourful champagne glasses and maybe some themed tableware of plates and more. Make it all so New Year!

Countdown Shots


How about arranging for some shots while the countdown is on!? It will only increase the excitement. You can have numbers of the anticipated 10 seconds printed on them too. Who ever said no to those shots?

Balloons All The Way


The simplest way of decorating your home for the New Years is balloons. You can never go wrong with these. They make an elegant as well as vibrant decoration material. So do not shy away from those balloons.

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