African Tribe Interiors

Tribe interiors was established in1995 by Terell & Dyan Peterson.  A trend which is very popular but followed by few. A trend inspired from African tribes. It describes african culture, their heritage. Tribe interiors also showcases a wide selection of fashion inspired items including upholstered pieces, Asian antiques, and a striking collection of ethnic artifacts & home accents.


A picture that explains it all !
Intense colours combined with earthy tones are the basics of an African style. The striking vibrant colours and prints make the space complete.
The use of traditional wax fabrics reinforces the light and gives airy feel to the space we look to achieve.


African concept as design has mostly been used to style the spaces. Using their warm earthy accessories and the prominent prints can make your home look authentic antique.

tribal collage

Nothing else makes this interior special and unique such as masks from clay and wood made by local craftsman, which are so simple made and possess great esthetic properties. It immediately gives you that Tribal feel no matter how you end up using them.


Have you ever thought how many tribes probably existed in this world!? And here we are only looking at African tribes. Did you know that there are 3,000 tribes in Africa ?
Each having their own culture. A different language, food, clothing, etc. Each so distantly different from each either.
H2Designo brings to you a few famous tribes resembled through their masks.



These are just a handful that we loved the most, the ones that actually are into existence are beyond our imagination. H2Designo has a special love for these masks. We will definitely be back with a lot more about this soon!! So stay tuned on H2Designo for more on Tribal and a lot more.


Image Courtesy Google & Pinterest

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