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Wallpaper Decor help to create the perfect backdrop for statement pieces and grand furniture combinations. Your wallpaper can be as subtle or exotic as possible. There are various colours and designs available in the market from floral, plaster effects, damask, stripes, brocade, trellis, mosaics, baroque motifs, animations, cartoons etc. Today at H2Designo we speak to you about almost everything you would wish to know about wallpapers.

go dramatic
Go Dramatic With Wallpapers. Wallpapers are a great solution to every problem and as designers it is one great trick we have in our kitty. It works like an extra decorative layer and can add warmth and detail to a rather dull looking room. It can transform ant space into an intimate retreat.

floral wallpapers

You do not need to limit the papers to just your walls or a small section, put it on the ceiling or the back of a bookshelf to create the unusual effect. Sometimes a much needed wallpaper creates more depth in the space than a painting or lacquering of the wall can.

make a statement

Do not hesitate from making a statement with your Wallpaper. Let it be the show stealer of that area and trust me it can more justice to the look than anything else.


Create a fairytale kindof feel through your wallpaper. No we do not mean have Snow White and Seven Dwarfs on your wall, you can create the fairytale feel by simply adding some floral patterned wallpapers and using mild tones for the furnishing. You can play around in this section with enormous amount of ideas.


If you wish to shift alittle from the mainstream and go for the unusual look on the wall, what could do better than a wallpaper. Not only will you get the exact picture you wish to have due to the digitalised versions of your wallpaper but it will surely make the wall like a wow! So if your kids wish to have a batman or cindrella on the wall, Oh Yes you can have it for them.


Incase you are somebody who does not wish to keep a wallpaper for a long time you could go for the easy to install and temporary range of wallpapers with enormous patterns and designs. All we could say is, choose what suits you best but do not shy away from using that Wallpaper!!

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