Anemos – Love For Craft, Culture, Design, Decor And Aesthetic.

H2Designo presents to you a virtual tour of Anemos a décor store at Raghuvanshi Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai.

Anemos is a meeting of minds and of ideas that have experienced, seen, felt, and continue to live the profound experience of evolution. From humble beginnings to the scale of a PAN India presence, Anemos, today, is not just a lifestyle retail space but a mood to surrender oneself to. It is everything you call ‘home’.


Directors Nipoon Agrawal and Rajkumar Jain’s eagle eyes and tireless exploration, are the soul of the stellar curation at Anemos. From period furniture to quirky lamps, from cascading chandeliers to rare artefacts, from wall clocks that will make your heart tick to accent pieces that complement, every nook tells a tale of, both, the days of yore and the trends of today.

Anemos Decor Store

Anemos is a production that has come together with time. It’s almost as if every piece waltzed in , made room for itself and then draped up a personality of its own.

Anemos Mumbai

Spread lavishly over two levels, the ground comprises Anemos fans which, truly, are mechanical marvels that have garnered places of pride in the country’s most celebrated homes, the unparalleled charm of Anemos is the mystical first level.

Anemos Sofa Set

It’s is the closest you may get to being a guest in Alibaba’s cave. In conclusion, Anemos is true labour of love for craft, culture, design, decor and aesthetic.

Anemos Home Decor

The above masterpiece depicts a beautiful love story. The mermaid entices & mesmerizes, by her flashing eyes, spontaneous laughter and the mysterious aura around her. It was only natural to fall in love with her. A storm raged in his heart. The waves of wants and desires crashed within. Then, he looked at the sky & everywhere there was silence. Nothingness prevailed. Similarly our desires keep redefining our sense of who we are. Become undefined and unlimited.

Anemos has many such beautiful masterpieces that cannot miss the eye. The antiques are sourced from all over India. Their amazing variety of fans range from Rs. 10,500 to Rs. 2 Lakhs and their lights and chandeliers range from Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 2 Lakhs. Get more than you can explore. If you have an eye to explore more than the usual this is the place to be.

Address: 11/12, Krishna House, Ground Floor, Raghuvanshi Estate, Senapati Bapat Marg, Gandhi Nagar, Upper Worli, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013.


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