How To Arrange Your Living Room

living room

Planning to rearrange your living room? Do not hurry, pick up a paper and pencil, collect some ideas, rush through some interior magazines and have everything planned beforehand. It is the space where you spend most of your time during the day, you might not wish to mess anything up.

First thing that strikes the mind while talking about a living room is its furniture. It mostly consists of a cozy couch, a couple of chairs and a table to lie around and spend some moments of leisure. So we give your checklist you should keep in mind before arranging your living room:

1] Do not line up any of your furniture against the wall, it will make your room look smaller.

2] Do not place any item randomly in the living room, try to create a visual continuity so that as soon as someone enters the room, his eyes automatically travels throughout the room and clicks a pleasant picture in the mind.

visual continuity living room

3] Pay attention on the lighting as it plays a very important role in creating a good ambience. Correct lightening  can lighten up your mood and spur awaken senses.

correct lighting living room

4] Most silly mistake the people make is the wrong selection of the curtains, do not forget choosing the right curtains matching your furniture maybe even contrasts the same in the correct way.

curtains matching furniture

5] Choose the shade of the flooring wisely. Keep in mind that the shade of flooring must be darker than the walls.

darker flooring

When all of the above is made a check of, it’s time to decorate your living room. Do not rush to the market, bring out those books kept hidden in your closet, books are always beautiful! Add some plants to the room, they are the best option to bring your room to life.

plants in living room

Hunt down some artifacts from the local flea market or try to make something on your own. You may even want to hang up a Happy Family photograph or a beautiful painting.


Do not crowd up the walls, keep it simple. Finally, lighting up a couple of scented candles will freshen you up and rejoice your long tiring day at the office.

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