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Today we at H2Designo speak to you about Ashiesh Shah who is an award wining Architect and Interior Designer, with innumerable accolades to his name. He has very successfully created his own niche in the competitive field of design. He is also an acute collector of contemporary art from India. He calls himself an eclectic collector whose taste spans continents and centuries and thus once states “I love playing with the gaps between eras – I collect antiques, video art, mixed media art and use them to form a story… I enjoy creating a layered mystery.” His collections are from different eras and cultures, making an impressive statement on the present and future interior taste. He also has an obsession with pairs. Accessories and furniture pieces have been collected and placed together in twos,” I love the diametrically opposite or the similar, where there is no in-between. It’s one or the other.”


He has done some interesting projects like Le Mill, Nido and Otlo. He has also been featured in various press issues like Verve, New York times, Elle Décor Japan etc. he is also a sought after speaker and lectures at the Academy Of Architecture and the prestigious 12 on 12 at CEPT, Ahemdabad.

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His home is a reflection of the philosophy of life. He thoroughly gets inspired by the Art Deco and Bauhaus movements and wishes to create his own brand of style. He is a believer that a Home to live in is much better than living in just a Well Designed House. This young designer who is so much more than just an architect and an interior design, is truly an inspiration for all the aspiring designers out there. He makes sure his work is as dynamic as his personality and there’s a lot he has in store.
Below are some of the tips directly from the designer himself featured in
“When creating your space, I would suggest working on creating an atmosphere that’s intimate yet practical. It’s important that it feels like your home, showing your personality. First, the focus should be on the things that practically affect the room; everything from wardrobes, bedside tables, mattresses, flooring and fabrics.


If you are looking for a quick and easy change, try adding accessories and pieces of furniture made of natural materials. Fabrics and lighting are also essential to change the feel of a space. Opt for natural linens and silks instead of synthetic materials. Look out for innovative lights made of materials like stone, wood or metal.”


Here is what I would recommend for a living space:

– The Bedroom: Take the time to think through the lighting and pay special attention to creating practical storage spaces.
– The Dining Area: Maintain free surface spaces and keep it intimate.
– The Bathroom: Divide the wet and dry areas.
– The Living Room: Create some drama using colours, lighting, art objects and interesting furniture.
– The Balcony: Keep it open and clutter free, too many plants will take up seating space.

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Phone: +91 22 2352 1071 | +91 22 3253 6125
Email: [email protected]

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