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baan tao

Baan Tao located on the second floor of of Hyatt, Pune, offers Chinese, Thai, Malay, Indonesian and Vietnamese cuisines. Outdoor dining with the relaxing sound of the waterfall, Charming Thai Salas and Chinese Pavilions for the more intimate or romantic dinners made it a rather great dining experience right in the middle of water and grenery. The concept of the restaurant is rather the one of a Chinese home and it quite lives up to this aspect. Whether you opt for a hurried snack or opt for the menu at the all day dining or just choose to have a few desserts you are surely not going disappointed from this place.

indoor dining

As mentioned earlier it is designed with the warmth of a typical Chinese home, hence the use of dark woods is justified. The tables are kept white symbolizing purity in the Chinese aspect. The chairs are kept simple with red material on it to neutralize the look. We love how one chandelier is placed above each able. The typical wooden rafters, which are the trademark of a Chinese home have been implemented quite beautifully.

hyatt baan tao

As per traditional Chinese norms the typical Chinese home tend to conform and integrate with their surrounding environment. They blend with the surrounding rivers and mountains, complimenting them and never damaging the natural beauty. Local materials were used in order to make sure that it merges with the rest of the space. Baan Tao has just tried to do that. The space is rather not overly designed. It is simple yet impactful, the place blends into different moods depending upon what hour of the day it. This was achieved by the smart lighting too.

outdoor seatings

The above picture at a glimpse gives you the feeling like you were probably dining in the balcony of your own home. The calm and serenity is felt at a glimpse. Lighting is kept minimal with just those typical standing lamps near each table. Use of wood and dark browns typically reminding us of the Chinese homes and again blending with the indoor interiors.
Everything said is never too much for the space and news from Hyatt tell- The legendary Baan Tao creates history yet again by winning the Times Food & Nightlife Awards 2015 for the category – Best Pan-Asian in Pune – Fine Dine!

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