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A balcony can be rightly called a platform projecting from the wall of the building. The balcony is indeed the outdoor place where you can relax under the sun, enjoy some fresh & natural air, without having to leave your apartment. A balcony garden with comfortable seating is the perfect escape from the urban existence for a short span of time. Before we share with you tips on how to design or decorate the balcony make sure to first and foremost check the weight bearing capacity of your balcony. 5 tips to style your balcony in the most apt manner:


use your space wisely

You need to first decide the function of your space. This will help you design your space perfectly and will also save a lot of time and money. Do you wish to use your balcony as a cozy reading nook for yourself or do you wish to use it as a special dining space. Once you have decided upon what you wish it is easier to design the space.



If the space is going to be used for outdoor relaxation invest in outdoor lounges or armchairs. If you wish to keep the area as a place for entertainment, invest in good dinning set. Once you have taken a decision on this ensure you invest in good quality and weather resistant materials. Make a wise choice because you do not want to change your furniture every now and then.



The size of your balcony will greatly affect the kind og greens you choose for your balcony. Irrespective of the type, greens immediately add a touch of style. Also consider the kind of sunlight your plants will need to make sure you can provide them with it. The possibilities of greens are:
• Vertical Gardening
• Balcony Lawn
• Container Gardening
• Plant Climbers



If the backdrop of your balcony is a brick wall, add the much needed drama to to the space through decorative screenings. A wide range of affordable and aesthetically pleasing screens are available like laser-cut, bamboos etc. Use the perfect lighting to enhance your space and make it look more inviting and special. Also make sure you do not overdo it, killing the beauty of the rest of your space.



Add the perfect seating, it need not be the typical boring kinds. It could be cute and interesting. Experiment with a few water features if it is easy to manage for you. Put some wall trickling wall or a cute fountain sorts. You can also use the gardening equipments as decorator items. They need not always be stored in a cupboard, display them so that you can make them add the needed jazz to your balcony. Lights can do wonders to the entire look and feel of the balcony.

go creative

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