From a trio who have worked in film for over 4 decades and includes 2 of the Blue Frog founders, comes BARO a 3,000 sq ft furniture and home-art store that is the new avatar of highlight living.

Baro home art store

Besides their own furniture BARO supports artisans from all over India such as fabrics from Russell Street from Kolkata, Folk Art, Tribaels carpets, White Pomegranate furnishings, Wolf art, Karma textiles, Anek cushions. India Circus has also launched its exclusive collection of home accessories for BARO. From fabrics, carpets, textiles to sofas, dinning tables, to cupboards BARO is a one stop shop for all timeless and contemporary home furniture and furnishing store at the best available price. Noticeably, the furniture at BARO packs in punches of fun with colour. All the paint used on the furniture is Duco and may be changed to order (with the exception of the vintage line). The upholstery is of sundry origin and may be changed on request as well.


“BARO is all about using great design to find your own expression. Everything can be interpreted in a myriad ways and will tell the story you want to be told. We’re proud of doing things with integrity and with meaning. That gets translated into what it feels like for the customer. BARO is also a great place to just hang – there’s a vibe that is happy and inspiring and always welcoming.” Srila Chatterjee, co-founder, BARO.

BARO home decor store

In 2014, the founders of BARO began a furniture experiment at the Highlight Films office in the commercial hub of Mumbai. It involved handmade furniture in reclaimed and old teak, largely speaking the mid-century modern language. In the course of two years they learnt that visitors were pleasantly surprised by what they found here. It was an easygoing space where one could discover different art forms and out-of-the-box designs, and meet interesting people. Best of all – at prices that made sense.

BARO Mumbai

This experiment propelled them to the next step. They evolved into a brand that has its own identity but draws on the ideas and inspiration that sparked Highlight Living. This is the genesis of BARO. The vision: a seamless union of aesthetics, ethics and ergonomics.

It is a space for sharpened aesthetics and creative expression, filled with inspiration from near and far. It embodies a philosophy that elevates beauty and design to a predominant position in every aspect of life.

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