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beach wedding

If on the beach barefoot romance is what you always dreamt of then beach weddings are probably the thing for you. When we talk of beach wedding , do not just think of “Wedding” , think “Summer”, “Holiday”, “Laid Back” and “Romance”. So let your beach wedding ceremony or the reception decorations be something your guests will talk about for a long time to come. Today H2Designo gives you tips on Beach Wedding decorations.



-The seaside is certainly one of the most romantic and beautiful venues for a reception or the entire wedding ceremony. You can make best use of what the nature has to offer.

-If done rightly they can be quite a private affair, secluded and intimate, making it more Special.

-It is a more relaxed and informal kind of wedding. As opposed to the often very formal traditional church ceremony, couples opt for a relaxed feel of wedding on the beach.

-Your sea-side wedding can be totally personalized and can range from a classy cocktail party, to a free-spirited BBQ setup etc. you can totally chose all the little elements you love to sum up your special day.

-It can turn out to be more economical. This is because a beach wedding would rather be a destination wedding, which means fewer guests and therefore will cost less in the end.

decisions affecting decor

The things that influence your  beach decor decisions:

VENUE : Decision of a On the Beach, Next to the Beach, Poolside or Lakeside Wedding
BUDGET : The amount you wish to splurge majorly affects your decisions.
RENTALS : Availability of rental items around your location.
GUEST LIST: The amount of guests you wish to cater

beach decor




The ceremony décor can be simple or elaborate as per what you love. We personally feel that it is better to keep it simple when it comes to having the ceremony vows because Nature is already providing you a spectacular backdrop and ambience. So keep it simple and beautiful. Of all the décor the focal point of your wedding décor will be the Gazeb or Arch (under which we will wish to get married). Decorate it with flowers, shells, lanterns, pretty accessories etc. your maximum décor efforts should concentrate in here.



Counterpieces can be rightly called the accessorization of the décor, mainly displayed on the tables of the wedding décor. Your beach wedding counterpieces are an important part of your decorations, and should compliment the rest of the décor. It includes fish bowls, corals and candles, message in the bottles etc.


themes for beach wedding

It would be easier to choose the perfect décor if you choose one designated theme for the wedding. Think island, nautical, mermaid fantasy, tropical, modern, sailing wedding theme etc etc. You can never quite fall short of a beach wedding theme


colour theme

If you are not wishing to choose a theme for your wedding then probably a colour scheme could help you manage the wedding décor. Beach wedding colours can range from turquoise seas, navy blues etc. you can also choose the sand and shell colours. You can also choose a more informal beach wedding by using bright colour scheme along with reminiscent of colourful beach towels, beach balls, bathing costumes etc.


We all have had a walk on the beach when the sun is just starting to set, the magic and moment of twilight with the sound of the sea and gulls in the background along with a light breeze lifting your hair. If that is what you call a perfect moment, then there is no better place than the beautiful beach for you to exchange your vows with the loved one.

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