Black, White And Gold Decor

Today at H2Designo what we are going to talk about is black, white and gold interiors. Black and white is an Achromatic theme, it is the best kind of contemporary that you will find. Adding gold to this achromatic style is simply adding some glamour to the contemporary theme.


An achromatic colour theme is a colourless theme using no hues, simply using black, white and grey. This can get very basic but adding a bit of gold to this can change the entire look from basic to extraordinary.

gold and white

As seen in the above picture the gold accessories on the center table and the gold door knobs are enhancing the look of the entire space (Picture on the left). The brushes of gold in the chair borders and frame borders along with that horse make the room extremely perfect and complete (Picture on the right).


The key to making this look a success is to keep it subtle and classy but add that classic gold in places to make it even more appealing. The mirror frame in gold is nothing with a beauty, adding glamour to the monotonous black and white. The simple frame behind the bed is completely merging with the matt wall because a dull gold finish has been used extremely wisely.


This picture is a complete example of getting the perfect look for your space. The wise use of sheepskin, the rough rug and sofa contradicting to the shiny gold painted only to enhance the walls in a totally interesting manner.

gold & black decor

In the above picture we have clubbed a few elements of our choice and shown you how you can also club a few items and give a new look to your black and white homes. All you need to do is paint something gold and see how fresh and new the entire space looks.


Image Courtesy Google & Pinterest

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