Bohemian Style Decor

The term Bohemian is normally defined by terms like Unconventional and usually Artistic. Bohemians were travellers and refugees hence the term Bohemian derived from the French word BOHEMIAN which means Gypsy.
When we first look at any Bohemian Style decor, it is more of industrial floors covered with boldly patterned rugs , whitewashed walls covered with cluster of plants , couches and sofas are wildly accented with colourful pillows.

– Add a few tie-dye and suzani colors through wall arts or other accessories.
– Add a lot of carpets to your flooring. Exposed floors are a No to Bohemain Style.
– Planters should be your favourite. Let them take over your white walls.
– Ottomans, laterns and pillows should be the best part of your rooms.
– Minimalistic cannot be Bohemian and Bohemian has nothing to do with Minimalism.
– Let Beaded curtains be on your mind all the time.

Today what we are looking at in the modern age of interiors is a contemporary style home while paying tribute to the free-spirited fashion of 60s and 70s.


Chic and Arabic meet Bohemian. The wooden floor with the amazing jail work is given a Boho feel with the printed and bold patterns.
A Bohemian printed rug works as good as a hanging wallart also acting as a makeshift headboard running right from the ceiling to your bed.


More is never more when looking at Bohemian homes. The loudness always tends to compliment each other rather than making the scene look loud. Clashing wall arts ,bold patterns and the flooring along with the accents create an eclectic decor scheme. So go ahead and take the more and more Plunge!


Don’t worry about going overboard with bold colours. When paired with other bolder colours and beautiful arts it looks much like a scene from the Mexican bazaars.


The colourful lanterns add a summer Bohemian feel to any indoor or outdoor space.

Tip: For me the true sense of Bohemian lies in relaxing like a hippie in a comfortable space brightened by statement colours and a to-die-for Crochet

seating and hammock

Hammock Chair. You could also give a skip to your usual sofas and have a low level seating with colourful rugs and bright patterned pillows with beautiful lanterns giving you the most perfect evening getaway from that routine life.



Image Courtesy Google & Pinterest

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