The Boss Is Always Right

Director Cabin

The boss is always right and hence the Director’s Cabin is one place which should be most royal. This place is nothing but private, confidential, formal and at times the nest for the informal guests as well. It can be said that this place is but the reflection of the boss himself. The design should be dignified and elegant and uber classy. It should cater to the formal and informal needs of the Boss. Because the Director’s Cabin is all about the Boss himself.


Essentials For A Director’s Cabin
There are certain must have accessories for a Director’s cabin that you should always keep in mind. A book shelf with all important books for reference, a television, an attached washroom, a sofa seating and a place to display his/ her achievements and awards.


The best way to plan a Director’s Cabin is in a manner which is royal yet soft in attitude, formal yet gives a bit of the informal texture for the private and unofficial guests. Proper furniture placement, perfect lighting, that tinch of elegance, proper storage, working space and comfortable environment form the essence of the Director’s Cabin.

As a matter of fact, Director’s maximum time is consumed in his office and surroundings so keep the décor smoothing as well as soft. Select the fabrics with formal patterns and textures. Too much bright, dark or extra bold colours, accessories, décor may result in irritation and frustration as the work load overshadows.

Ideas For A Cabin
Do not forget to accommodate a comfortable sofa set with center table and set-off the set by a few inches of rug to distinguish the formal and informal area. After all the main aim is to entertain all sorts of guests at the workplace. Let the space be designed and well-planned in a manner which gives him an easy connectivity to his staff and personal associates. Do not forget good sound insulation for him because the Director has to deal with confidential and important meetings with clients and associates.

office cabin

Apart from his formal needs and necessities he requires a break from his work for an hour or two. Do not forget to accommodate a private area inside for him to rest a bit and start afresh with work. The Director’s cabin is the lifeline of an organization so design the space with simple yet royal ideas.


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