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Calico Wallpaper was founded by Rachel and Nick Cope. Calico began with an inspiration to move art beyond the frame and incorporate its everyday elements into daily interior designing. Through research and experimentation of traditional forms of art and handmade patterns the idea of creating non-repeating and custom fit murals was born.
Calico works at blending the abstractions, beauty and playfulness of art not forgetting the functional utility of design to bring to us a product that inspires the backdrops of our lives.
We at H2Designo will be talking about a few of the collections of Calico Wallpaper that awestruck us the most.


(An exploration of nature, and the interconnection of all things.)
This collection is inspired by a rare sample of antique paper having intricate and evolving microscopic shapes. This collection was designed to give importance to minute details and celebrate the smallest cell’s connection to this Universe. Each pattern hence plays with the complimentary relationship between darkness and light.


(A celebration of the infinite space that has surrounded us since the dawn of time.)

Inverted Spaces transforms NASA satellite imagery into a series of constellational portraits. Calico Wallpaper and BCXSY had a common liking for exploration of spaces- both interior related and beyond, hence the discovery of NASA’s breathtaking satellite images. The combined talents of both led to the creation of a series of imagined environments that offer an abstract view of the Universe. Inverted Spaces thus celebrates the beauty of infinite expansion of the Universe.


(The strength and sheen of metal intermingles with the suppleness of woven texture)
This collection is inspired by natural fibres and techniques of textile art. Brasscloth pays tribute to the earth’s inner riches. It is a rich texture that captures the quality of woven grass. It is a definitely a colourful beauty in itself.

Image Courtesy Google, & Pinterest

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