Canopy Beds That Can Make Your Bedroom More Lavish


A canopy bed is like a four-poster decorative bed. A typical canopy bed usually has posts at each of the four corners which generally extends to four feet or more above the mattress.


Traditionally canopy beds with curtains were used by noblemen in medieval Europe for warmth and privacy because their attendants often slept with them in the same room.


They were used for utility purposes rather than for décor or extravagance purposes. Today canopy beds are used either in the traditional or contemporary styles.


A lot of 5 star hotels in India have these beds placed in their Royal Suites as a resemblance to the royalty of old times. As signifiers of status, these beds used to be intricately decorated.


The modern contemporary canopy beds often feature sharp and geometric designs. Wood, metal or a combination of two is used for the construction of their pieces.

canopy beds

A lot of times the four standing posts are given a miss and a simple draping from the top of the bed is given to make it look quite like a canopy bed.


You do not have to always have heavy metal rods at the corners to make you get the perfect canopy bed. Doing it smartly has never been out of fashion. A canopy bed, Yes!! But in your own way.

casual canopy

Canopy beds need not always be so crisp and perfect with defined lines and geometry. We personally love the messy feel, its more like a “At Home” feeling. Try sometimes even giving a miss to the curtains and draping, truly defining a canopy bed. All that you set a trend about becomes a trend. So yes we give a Thumbs Up to being messy and casual.

outdoor canopy bed

We love the whole dreamy vibe that comes along with this furniture piece. We would quite consider a canopy bed! What about you!?

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