Rustic Decor: Nature Redefined!

As we all know, history repeats itself, such was a time when people admired for plastered wall in spite of those bare wooden walls and when we have achieved it all in these concrete jungles, people are running back to even manage to have a little touch of nature. All…

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The New Facebook Office In Mumbai

office waiting

Facebook opens its first 22,000 sq ft office in Mumbai at BKC. Facebook’s Menlo Park office is the largest open office plan in the world and they have carried forward their open office culture in their Mumbai office as well with well designed micro cafeterias and breakout zones. Further the…

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Nature Inspired Bedroom Designs

nature inspired moodboard

So many of us love the feel of Nature and keep hoping of visiting some place that is rich in natural beauty and biodiversity. Why not bring home a piece of the Nature we always aspire. We at H2Designo guide you on those nature inspired bedrooms designs for your homes.…

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Trend Alert- Shibori Style Home Decor

Shibori Style

This season SHIBORI is the new hot trend in design, creating versatile looks with both light and dark interior palettes. Shibori is a Japanese fabric dying technique wherein the fabric is bound, stitched, folded, twisted or compressed and dipped in dye creating a tie-dye appearance. Thus some areas are penetrated…

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How To Give Your Space A Vintage Look

vintage decor

We have often heard “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” This is so true when we have a look at some of the most beautifully designed vintage spaces. Most of us love the look and feel of a space that has a vintage touch, it is so charming and…

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Ideas For Blue And White Interiors


Blue and white combination looks almost like a combination from heaven for the human eye. The all-time blue white interiors combination works almost with any design theme or style. This timeless colour duo is a combination of elegant, simple yet extremely gorgeous. It is a perfect transition from serene to sensational…

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Spring Home Interiors 2016

Peach Colour Palette

Is your home still weighed down by dark layers of the fall of winter? Then maybe it is time for you to bring some renewed inspiration and refresh your space for the perfect Spring home interiors makeover. Pastel hues are never quite off the League so take some fashion inspiration…

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