How To Arrange Your Living Room

visual continuity living room

Planning to rearrange your living room? Do not hurry, pick up a paper and pencil, collect some ideas, rush through some interior magazines and have everything planned beforehand. It is the space where you spend most of your time during the day, you might not wish to mess anything up.…

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A Visit To Budapest – Travel Diary

Most often we come across people who love to travel and of which a lot of them also have the passion to pen down their travel diaries. Today we will be sharing with you the travel diary of Mr. Umesh Vakharia a passionate traveller, who is actually a Teacher by Profession. It…

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Sensible Tricks For Small Kitchen Storage

kitchen storage

Fed up of the utensils, food products and spices lying around haphazardly in your kitchen along with the jam packed cabinets? Need to troubleshoot these problems and want to have a more organized kitchen? You just need to utilize all the spaces around your kitchen more sensibly and you would…

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How To Design Your Own Home

We all have the picture of how our “Dream Home” would like. However when we go and search such a home it is difficult. So many time we hire professionals for designing our home but we do not end up being satisfied as the output does not match what we…

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How To Style Your Console Table

A Console Table is the most useful piece of furniture in your home, it adds both storage and style to your space. It can be used behind your sofa to place or lamp, in your hallway for your keys, in that extra spot in the dinning for extra serving dishes…

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Why Choose A Queen Size Bed

queen bed frame

Ever wonder how a Queen Size Bed got it’s name? Simmons Company in 1958 introduced an 60 inch by 80 inch bed as “fit for the queen” and since then this became a queen size bed. This bed provided more room than the common full size bed of 54 inches by…

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Choose The Perfect Headboard For Your Room

Headboard Design

A headboard not only enhances your room but gives it a more luxurious look. We at H2Designo share with you how to choose the perfect headboard for your room. TUFTED UPHOLSTERED BEAUTY Headboards that have deep tufts add extra texture and give a more luxurious look. Their comfort level is ever…

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Perfect Lounge Chair Designs For Your Home

grey lounge chair

A LOUNGE area not only offers a plush seating but also offers plenty of room for good friends and memorable conversations. What we look for in a lounge chair is looks and of course comfort. A chair that’s not comfortable isn’t really a chair, it’s just something to display in your…

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