Tile Trends To Dominate 2016

tile trends 2016

Lately, it seems, the modern trend has been to use the most unusual tile one can find, to add dramatic accents to home decor, and we have managed to find some very unusual ideas when we started looking. Be it for the walls or floors, there are a wide variety…

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World Heritage Day

brihadeshwara temple

On the World Heritage day, 18th April, we pay ode to some of the heritage beauties in India. So often we are looking out for magnificent beauties around the World quite forgetting the beauty that lies within our country. Today we give you a quick recall of 10 places in India…

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Countertop Bathroom Ideas

Modern Countertop

  The countertop you choose for your bathroom largely depends on your taste and budget. The vanity top plays a dual role. Not only should it be durable and also capable of resisting water, soap, cosmetics etc but should also have ample of space to work upon. You can also…

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5 Most Luxurious Bathtubs

The Shoe Bathtubs

Bathtubs are quite a way of adding that luxurious tinch to your bathrooms. A perfect bathtub is nothing but a combination of Style, Luxury & Comfort. Always select a bathtub in accordance to the size of your bathroom and in harmony with the rest of your room. The size of…

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7 Tips To Select Patio Furniture

Designing a Patio could be quite a challenge because it literally deals with bringing The Inside Out. It is about creating as comfortable atmosphere on the outside space of your homes as on the inside, bearing in mind the different weather conditions. The trick actually lies in selecting the correct…

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Interesting Work Space Ideas

working place

Our workplace is one space where we spend more than half of our day. Designing a workstation in the right manner is extremely crucial because the employees comfort, state of mind, productivity etc, can be affected if correct things are not kept in mind. There are various ways in which…

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The Boss Is Always Right

The boss is always right and hence the Director’s Cabin is one place which should be most royal. This place is nothing but private, confidential, formal and at times the nest for the informal guests as well. It can be said that this place is but the reflection of the…

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Board Meetings At Their Best

Board Meetings

Meetings are but extremely important for the growth and expansion of any business. They quite form a basis of portraying the professional nature of the company. Some people may refer to conference rooms as spaces where the less interesting aspects of the business are talked about but they are actually…

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Make That Better Office Space

An office is a place where one strives to accomplish all those longed dreams. One has the desires to flourish their values and personality to live a better tomorrow. The most substantial and worthy gift an organization or a corporate house can give their employees is to allot them special…

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A Lasting Impact

Everybody aspires a beautiful home that must be perfectly graced with furniture, lights and obviously the attractive walls. Walls are the most important aspect of any space hence they need little more attention. We suggest create that lasting impact with a highlighter wall. How often do we neglect a blank…

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