Choose The Perfect Headboard For Your Room

Headboard Design

A headboard not only enhances your room but gives it a more luxurious look. We at H2Designo share with you how to choose the perfect headboard for your room.


tufted upholstered headboard

Headboards that have deep tufts add extra texture and give a more luxurious look. Their comfort level is ever maximum and its elegance can be defined by its mere presence. Most people today opt for tufted beds instead of simply upholstered one.


carved in style headboard

Create a sensational style statement with a perfect headboard. Do it better than the usual dramatic bedding. You can probably add a curve on top along with the tuft to make it more royal and plush. Create a style that pleases you most because after all you are going to be using that bed.


printed style headboard

Design your headboard using some unusual graphic or maybe two different textured upholsteries. If you wish to play safe with the headboard play with the wall colour. You could have a bold wall paint and a subtle headboard or vice versa. Contrast has never quite gone a miss.


geometric upholstered headboard

Perfect geometrical shapes make any space look clean and crisp and they do this equally well for headboards. Take the square shapes maybe of the same size and repeat them in layers or go for mixed sizes of squares and you will be surprised on how beautiful a headboard pattern can look.


bold panelled headboard

Go for the unusual headboards. Take inspiration from the wing style arm chairs and copy the back right onto your headboards. It will look ravishing indeed. You can also go ahead and take your headboard all along the width o f the height of your wall to make your bed look just a part of the complete beauty.

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