How To Choose The Perfect Shape And Size For Your Dining Room Table

rectangular dining tables

Do you wish to have a lasting impact on the minds of the relatives or guest whom you have invited over dinner or a small get together at your house? We know! Who does not?! Moreover, a dining table is just not a place to have your food, but it is also one of the most important focal point of your house to get together with your family and friends. Now, when it comes to choosing a dining table for your house, there is a vast variety available in the market that might leave you in a dilemma but don’t worry, we’ll help you out to choose a perfect one for yourself.

round dining table ideas

Now, the first and foremost aspect that you might need to consider for the dining table would be its shape and size. Talking about the shape of the shapes of the table, rectangular tables are one of the most preferred choices of the people around the world. But again, it would all depend on the shape and size of your dining space. Keep in mind, there must be at least a gap of 36 inches between the edge of the table and to wall for comfortable movement.

A classic rectangular table goes along perfectly with a octagonal shaped room but if your dining space does not have a large open space, a circular or oval table might be the perfect option as the edges of a rectangular table might not provide a sense of free circulation and moreover, a circular table invites a sense of intimacy and it is easy too, to share the food on a round table, you need not pass the dishes as in the case of rectangular tables but also, consider a round table for a maximum of 8 people as it might be inconvenient to get together at a large round table. If you need the feel of a classic rectangular table but the free flow or a round table, just opt for an oval table. Have a look at the table below for selecting the accurate size:

For a rectangular table:
Six Seater : Length- 72 inches
Eight Seater: Length- 96 inches
Ten Seater : Length- 120 inches
Width might vary from 30-48 inches but 38 inches is an adequate width for dining purpose.

rectangular dining table sizes

For a circular table(diametre):
Four seater: 36-48 inches
Six Seater : 60 inches
Eight Seater: 72 inches

round dining table sizes

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