Why Choose A Queen Size Bed

queen size bed

Ever wonder how a Queen Size Bed got it’s name?

Simmons Company in 1958 introduced an 60 inch by 80 inch bed as “fit for the queen” and since then this became a queen size bed. This bed provided more room than the common full size bed of 54 inches by 75 inches.

queen bed frame

Today also the dimension of a standard queen size bed are the same, however we no longer are limited to one queen size to fit all. Today there are 2 more types of sizes:

California Queen Size Bed Dimensions:

califonia queen size bed

It is also referred as Queen XL, sized 60 inches by 84 inches, instead of 80 inches which is the length of a standard queen size bed. The only problem is that bed sheets for such beds is a little harder to find.

Olympic Queen Dimensions/ Super Queen Dimensions:

olympic queen size bed

While California  is longer this bed is wider by 6 inches compared to a standard queen bed with dimensions of 66 inches by 80 inches.

So does size matter?

queen bed frame

Yes, ofcourse it does. As seen above the obvious difference of 5 extra inches in the length compared to a standard bed size, which is the difference between our feet hanging off the bed or not. Further the 6 extra inches in width, which is a must for most adult couples. This extra space is for your comfort and trust me you will not regret purchasing this size.

modern bedroom

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