Chor Bazaar-A Trip Through


Chor Bazaar which literally means “Thieves Market” has a history of over 150 years. This rather bustling street was rather called Shor Bazaar earlier meaning “Noisy Market” but called chor due to the mispronunciation of Britishers. Eventually stolen goods started being sold in this place, living up to the new name. Today it is famous for antique and vintage items. H2Designo got the chance and decided to take a tour of this place which has some amazing Interior Décor items. We were so awestruck by the variety and range of items available. Ever get a chance do visit this space. It is located on Mutton street which is a a part of thick Muslim Mumbai. The street is filled with busy streets and crumbling buildings. Do not get overwhelmed it is a safe place but beware pick-pocketers and do not shop without a sharp mind. The shopkeepers will shamelessly quote exorbitant prices do not fall for the trap, use your bargaining skills. Always aim at paying only half the price that they have quoted initially.
Do not forget the area this area is rather a conservative Muslim area, so dress in clothes that cover your legs and shoulders and does not reveal much.Chor Bazaar has so much to check its insane. Let us take you through a few things we loved the most.



Keeping up with the bronze theme, there are a large number of shops in Chor Bazaar that sell various kinds of bronze statues from gods and goddesses to a lot of other bronze sculptures. Beauty it is indeed



Vintage Bollywood posters are the most popular items that shoppers seek at Chor Bazaar. There is a store in Mutton Street has a storeroom full of Hindi film posters. Name any and he’ll have them all. Inafact if there is any movie you want and is not available with them, they will definitely arrange for it. Friends is our personal favourite.



Another sought after item in Chor Bazaar is Lamps and so many Lamps. There are plenty of unique styles to choose from. Popular lamp items include crystal chandeliers, kerosene hurricane lamps, antique lamps and the glass lamps in an array of eye-catching colours.


clocks and more

A range of deco clocks, grandfather clocks and antique Smiths clocks. You will never wonder what time it is at Chor Bazaar with so so many clocks on dislay.


alot more1

You can never get totally done with Chor Bazaar. There are so many things to see and each always so new, different and delightful from the other. Vintage items, copies and some rare items all form an attraction to the not so famous chor bazaar. We completely loved the experience and not to forget the shopkeepers are extremely friendly and helpful always wanting to sell more. Do not keep your eyes shut, be aware and you will too want to come back here for the cheap deals!!

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