Coastal Style Interiors

When we hear the word coastal the first thing that comes to our mind is BY THE SEA SIDE.
Getting inspired by this and reflecting it in the interiors is what we are looking at.
A sense of coastal makes me think of open spaces , airy fabrics , seaside inspired colours etc. Also the coastal inspiration could be during a calm and tranquil sunset , during a fresh sunrise or one during a stormy and wild evening , not forgetting the functionality side of interiors. All of this is what comes to my mind when I think of a Coastal Style interiors. What pleases me the most is a tranquil and calm as well as airy space for interiors.


• Make sure to use straight lines , balance and symmetry to create a Calm and not a loud atmosphere.
• Furniture used must be comfortable to simply sit in , lie in and dine at. Hassle free living in the true sense.
• Lighting should be such that it creates the most perfect mood. Allow natural light to flow in as much in the day and let the natural wind and ambient lighting take up your home in the evening.


MATERIALS THAT CAN BE USED : Natural materials like untreated and recycled wood are a pure add-on to the look. Handcrafted or primitive surfaces, linen, leather, bamboo, corals, ceramics , wicker etc are some other materials you can experiment with.

dining area

COLOURS : Light shades of blues, whites, greens.

ACCESSORIES: Coastal Style Interiors can be magically created with nautical prints or coastal inspired prints (maybe to be used as a curtain or a bedspread). Model ships, Coastal Artwork, Hurricance or Lava Lamps, Fish Tanks etc can help you achieve a coastal feel. Use wall units, walls, consoles, side tables etc to display your accessories. In the end do not forget that eventually simplicity is the key to make your space look clean , breezy and tranquil.

coastal moodboard

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