In Conversation with Ar. Jui Patil – Director JRarchitects

JRarchitects is a full service architectural firm offering a combination of imaginative design, expertise and intense involvement. Their main aim is to provide quality professional services to every client. Combined skills in architecture and interior design, along with resources in engineering services ensures that high quality functional solutions are delivered on time and within budget. H2Designo is in conversation with Ar. Jui Patil, Director of JRarchitects and we bring to you her journey and insights.

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1. Tell us a little about yourself and your firm.
I am an Architect by passion, yes by passion! The profession of architecture is a later part. I love to travel. I am a learner and wish to learn new things every single moment. The 24 hours of a day is less for me to learn and try new things. I strongly believe in “Time is Money” I wake up at 6am daily and use every minute of my day in doing constructive things and wind up by 11pm.
JRarchitects was an idea which took roots in my mind in the year 2011 immediately the year I graduated during my internship days. Meeting awesome new people eventually moulded the idea into better shape and by 2013, me and my partner Rajdeep Dhule, successfully started designing and executing Interior projects.

2. How far back can you trace your interest in design?
I remember the thermocol castle made by me from the thermocols of fridge packaging when I was 10. I used to love designing spaces back then. Interior magazines were a part of my library and the picture cuttings of the same made my scrapbook.

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3. How did you get your first break and what were the initial challenges you faced?
First break was the same year when we actually started professionally taking up projects in 2013. We were empanelled in Government lobby- Khopoli Nagar Parishad as Landscape Architects. It took us lot of hardwork to reach there but the results were certainly worth the effort.
Struggle period for every entrepreneur is never easy especially when you are not born with that silver spoon. With nobody in the family with this background, it made my journey even more miserable. Women in our country are still not meant for business and that too in the Construction industry is what many people think. People would doubt my potential. Your friends, colleagues will always laugh at you and try to pull you down from whichever possible way. “Self Motivation” is the only thing which keeps you going. Remind yourself every day that you are going to do it no matter what!

4. Describe that moment of “wanting to start your own setup”?
Well, I am a very unpredictable person. I hate “Monotony” Back in those days when I was employed in Architecture/ Builder firms, I realized that I cannot work 10am to 6pm. The work became boring. “Money” was never the criteria to start my own setup. “Hapinness” and “Satisfaction” were the only reasons I decided to start on my own. I think everybody should do only what they like. People who have jobs out of their interests are like a puzzle for me to understand.

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5. Which of your early projects was most exciting and what are you currently working on?
I think the client contributes more to the excitement than the project. We were blessed with some really good clients in our initial days which I think is one of the most important reasons for our growth.
We are currently working on some challenging Interior projects in Mumbai and Architecture projects in the Western stretch of Maharashtra.

6. What inspires your designs and keeps the creative adrenaline rushing?
Every project should be unique. We do not believe in replicating internet ideas or copying some other designer’s work. Inspiration can be drawn through anything that you observe right from a leaf of a tree to a broom in the house. “Creativity” is rushing in my mind 24×7.

7. As a design-preneur, where do you see design in India heading?
India has great potential in all the fields. I was also a visiting faculty in one of the Architecture colleges. I used to be stunned seeing the work and ideas of my students. Talent is emerging. The sad part is, these upcoming creative minds do not get the right direction. It starts from the partial teachers in the colleges to the selfish boss and then the Client. There are negative factors everywhere waiting to pull you down. I have such great architects around me whose work is incredible. But sadly none of them make it to the Government sector because of the attitude of the government staff, the corruption everywhere and the selfishness. “Design” is overlooked and all that matters is “Money” Our country can create wonders if the people set their minds right and stop being over greedy.
All that an Architect can do is, set his/her morals right and follow ethics in all walks of his/her professional career.

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