In Conversation With Priyanka Pradeep Principal Architect P S Design Studio

P S Design Studio was founded by architects Priyanka Pradeep and Piyush Mehra a passionate and creative couple. With a severe knack of aesthetics and impeccable design, the duo founded P S Design back in 2009. Since then, they have built P S Design from strength to strength by adding many prestigious projects to their kitty. H2Designo in conversation with Priyanka Pradeep bringing to you her journey and vision.

1. Could you tell us about the woman behind P S Design?
Architect, design addict, mother and traveler, who loves to read, eat chocolate and basking in sunshine. Prefers bronze to gold and would shift to New York if life permits!

2. How far back can you trace your interest in design?
As far as I can remember. Design has always been a passion for me. I loved my lego blocks and was constantly building something or the other at home even as a child. The thought that I could design a space that can be built and people would remember me for it, everyday, has been stuck with me for the longest time. As I read somewhere, once you’ve been bitten by the design bug, you’re a lifer.

3. How did you get your first break and what were the initial challenges you faced?
I was lucky, I had great friends. My first few projects were designing a few of my close friends apartments. Since, they were young, they were open to experimentation and hence they let me have a free hand. I made a good portfolio to showcase to others beyond my friends circle, however Architecture is a male dominated industry and one of the biggest challenges was to get people to trust a young girl without any backing, to do a good job. Constant persuasion, endless hours and hardwork turned people around. Things became much easier when my partner and now husband Piyush joined me.

4. Describe that moment of “wanting to start your own setup”?
I always wanted to have my own design firm. However, it was important to learn the basics of the construction industry, work culture and processes, especially since I had no one in the family to guide me through. I was fortunate to be working under someone like Mr. Contractor, who is the epitome of Architecture in our country and taught me a great deal in the time that I worked under his guidance.

5. Which of your project/ projects were most exciting and what are you currently working on?

Truly, all our projects are equally exciting. There is a huge variety of design activity happening at the studio, from a high end duplex in Mumbai to numerous holiday-homes in Aamby Valley. From Mr. Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s office, which involves an incredible amount of detailing (just like his movies) to a sporty office building in Jalandhar, all our projects are distinctive. With various high-Rise Residential Towers coming up in Juhu, Santacruz, Andheri, Bandra, and Khar, we are striving to preserve and upgrade the Mumbai city skyline.

6. What inspires your designs and keeps the creative adrenaline rushing?

Inspiration is everywhere! It can be something as simple as the blue color of the sky, which I recently used on the main entrance door of a residence. From the geometric design on a leaf to your own shadow on a sidewalk, there is so much beauty around us, which give an endless supply of inspiration. Ofcourse, somewhere for me it also starts from the client and the purpose of design. I like to design spaces where people can truly live comfortably. A home needs to be an extension of its owner’s personality and come alive with them. I feel as a designer it is important that to create a home that tells their unique story. And if I hit a block and need more inspiration, I pack my bag and take off to a new destination.

7. As a design-preneur, how do you see design in India evolving?

With the advent of digital age, the entire design industry is now available with the client. There is so much information for everyone to see and analyze. It then becomes easier for us to deal with an informed client, who understands that a well designed space is not just about putting up furniture in every room, but also coordinating the whole look with fabrics, artwork and accessories.
Also, for us, it is imperative to be more evolved and updated with every aspect of design. One cannot just limit oneself to designing a space, but make aware of furniture and product design as well. As a result of which we have several architects and designers opening up stores with well curated collections of furniture and accessories.

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