In Conversation with Rakeshh Jeswaani Founder of RJIA

H2Designo in conversation with Rakeshh Jeswaani, founder of Rakeshh Jeswaani Interior Architects (RJIA), a Mumbai based architectural firm. He shares with us his experience of 23 years.

Rakeshh Jeswaani1] Tell us a little about yourself and RJIA

I am a practising Interior Designer for over the past 23 years. My design philosophy is to create timeless and elegant interiors to suit the specific lifestyle of each client and create spaces that exude warmth and are personal to each client’s individual lifestyle and sensibilities. My design style is never fixed, it’s intuitive and changes with every project. I don’t like being limited or being defined by a particular “style”.

I am the founder and principal designer of Rakeshh Jeswaani Interior Architects (RJIA) which speacializes in high-end residential interior design. RJIA undertakes complete end to end interior projects from design and planning to execution.

RJIA - Duplex Apartment , Mumbai1

Duplex Apartment In Mumbai

RJIA - Duplex Apartment, Mumbai2

Duplex Apartment In Mumbai













2] How far back can you trace your interest in design?

Ever since I was a kid, there was always something creative happening around. My father’s hobby was painting and my mother is a fashion designer so my interest stems from there.

RJIA - Duplex Apartment, Mumbai3

Duplex Apartment In Mumbai

3] How did you get your first break and what were the initial challenges you faced?

When I started my own firm I was extremely lucky to get a complete 3000 sq ft project which was a very big break for someone so young. I got this through a previous client for whom I had done some small interiors and they were very impressed with the way I had handled the job so they recommended me.

RJIA - Indore Villa1

Villa At Indore

4] What led to the formation of RJIA?

It was a natural progression for me.

RJIA - Indore Villa3

Villa At Indore

5] Which of your early projects was most exciting and what are you currently working on?

The most exciting and satisfying project for me was a 15,000 sq ft villa in Indore that I worked on because the project evolved exactly as I had planned it and the clients were overjoyed with their finished home.

Currently we are working on a very exciting residence in Mumbai, the style of which is very different from what we usually do.

RJIA - Lonavala Holiday Home (1)

Holiday Home In Lonavala

6] What inspires your design and keeps the creative adrenaline rushing?

Traveling, seeing new cultures and nature inspire me.

RJIA - Lonavala Holiday Home (2)

Holiday Home In Lonavala

7] As a design-preneur , where do you see design in India heading?

It is a very exciting time for design in India because we are slowly coming into our own and very soon we will be on par with the best of international design.

RJIA - Santacruz Apartment (2)

Apartment in Santacruz, Mumbai

8] Where do you see RJIA heading?

RJIA is always going to be a very creative and hands on boutique studio no matter how large it grows. Our quality and finish will never be compromised for the sake of expansion.

RJIA - Santacruz Apartment (1)

Apartment In Santacruz, Mumbai

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