In Conversation with Rupal Shah – Architect and Vastu Consultant

Vastu Shastra is the traditional system of ancient Indian architecture and holistic science which is based on the integration of architecture with the forces of nature such as numbers, stars, planets and laws of nature. FortuneArch is managed by Vastu expert Ar. Rupal Shah. She has professional training in various branches of architecture along with additional certification in the field of Vastu, Astrology & Numerology. We take you through an interview with her whereby she talks about herself and her specialties.

vastu shastra

1. What is the concept of Vastu and what kind of Vastu consultancy do you specialize at?

We realized the importance of architectural design of a space + interior design or furniture placement + the time of occupying the space + astrological birth chart of the person how all these resemble similar events or incidents in life and how important role they play in one’s life.This led to me initiating the practice of Astro Vastu with architecture & interiors because I do feel Karmas play a major role in one’s life.

I specialize in analyzing ones available space, understanding the issues with the client, business or utility of the space, knowing the energy of the space, we study the birth chart of the person and do a SWOT (strength weakness opportunities and threats) analysis of the client and the space and then give consultation for the space as per the requirements of the user and finally design the space with the modern technologies, luxuries, comfort & lifestyle.

2. How would you put your journey from being a student to a Professional today?
I have always been curious with regard to science of astrology which made me go in depth of its studies with different subjects like auras, palmistry, vedic astrology, nadi shastra, teletherapy, crystals and gem stones, muhurat shashtra, numerology, vedic vastu shashtra, pyramids therapy, gems therapy etc..

I realized how vastu plays an important role in one’s life and how problems are resolved partially or completely by additions subtractions or alterations to a certain space.

3. What led to you gaining a keen interest in Vastu Shastra?
Architecture & Astrology both together made me want to study vastu shastra. If we look back at our historical culture the kingdoms and palaces were always made keeping in mind not only beautiful architecture but also astrology. This made me grow my interest in multiple aspects of the same.

4. How was your experience working and seeing a successful change by implementation of your suggestions?

The experience was absolutely great and soul touching. Almost all my implementations so far have been successful in satisfying my client’s needs and requirement and this gives me motivation and satisfaction from my work.

5. What have been your biggest challenges in this field?

The biggest challenge is to make a non believer of traditions or science of astro or vastu to believe in it and make him/her understand the concept.

At times the challenge is to work on space like flats, apartments or offices in towers, malls and industrial buildings where it is almost impossible to change things structurally. Further when clients stay in rented apartments even the furniture cannot be changed. Thus I make the best effort to apply the science of astrology or vastu while also maintaining the lifestyle décor of the space to give the maximum satisfaction to my client.

6. What is the reason of the increasing popularity of Vastu in India today?
I believe the increasing popularity of vastu in India has various reasons as:
– We all need easy smooth and peaceful lives, and we go in search of that at our office or home and vastu adds lots of positivity and good aura to our spaces which makes us peaceful.
– Vastu was always popular in India. But now as we have more access to the vastu data due to internet the awareness has begun to spread widely.

7. As the “Science Of Architecture”, what do you think is the future of Vastu in India?
The future of vastu is very bright in India. Almost all real estate developers today make their structures keeping basics of vastu in mind. When we combine the science of architecture and the science of astrology is when we can get the best output in a person’s life.

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