Countertop Bathroom Ideas


Modern Countertop

The countertop you choose for your bathroom largely depends on your taste and budget. The vanity top plays a dual role. Not only should it be durable and also capable of resisting water, soap, cosmetics etc but should also have ample of space to work upon. You can also make your vanity the focal point of your bathroom. It all depends on your demand and tastes. Today at H2Designo we show you Bathroom Countertop Styles and Trends that are sleek, simple yet so stylish.

Interesting Countertops

The idea of a bathroom is to create comfort and style for yourself, these two combined with creativity can do wonders. We love how the sink and countertop are combined to each other along with the wooden cabinet below. Not only does it look beautiful but it is an amazing concept if you are looking for something not so mainstream.

Designer Basin

Who says you cannot design marvelously in small spaces!? In case you are looking at saving some space the above option is a good idea for you. It is the perfect countertop serving the purposes of basin along with space for important bathroom accessories. Not to mention we love the wash basin.

contemporary Countertop

This is yet another option for small space bathroom ideas. Moreover this design can be implemented in not just your homes but in your office areas aswell where the bathroom space is rather small but needs to be stylish to create an impact for outsiders as well as office staff.

Creative Countertops

Console Table or Bathroom Countertop. This industrial look is quite challenging. If you are ready to experiment the look it is a great option. Also this kind of installation will always leave scope for changes in the near future.


A low leveled countertop could work only if you designed it in the above manner. We are in love with the pedestal style wash basin. If you have restrictions of low height we can also take the counter on top but this would kill the entire show of the look. If you are open to something new go in for this kind of design.


The above image include the rather usual styles of having bathroom countertops. But even the usual design can be designed so elegantly and flawlessly. So keep it usual but something you will adore for a long period of time.


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