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Today at H2Designo we will share with you a few concepts created by the Taxi Fabric team. Why is it that design is something which is always related to something that rather looks good!? Do we realize that design is such a strong medium to prove or bring out to notice a strong Point. Taxi Fabric has been able to tap these rather strong topics which all of us are aware about but don’t tend to give too much importance to. We will share with you some of their extremely meaningful concepts and some rather creative ones.


only for men

This concept is created by Roshnee Desai, By a Woman, For Women! Its about making men think about how women are treated in Mumbai and encouraging them to be more sensitive towards a Woman’s freedom. Women in general do not feel very safe in India. They face discrimination at work, homes and a lot of other fields including the streets. Speaking of her design, Roshnee Desai says, “The different standards in our society for all our people be it women, workers etc has always intrigued me and caused me to rebel. The Fakt Striyansaathi graphic has always been on my mind. And this was a perfect way for me to rebel graphically.” She chose to call her design Fakt Purushansathi (Marathi phrase which means “Only For Men”). She thinks the taxis in Mumbai will make the men think about how they treat their women. Quite a Thought we say.


keep distance

This concept is designed by Shantanu Suman, inspired by Truck Art India and it encourages a Safe Driving Culture. The taxi-drivers as well as truck drivers both depend on their vehicles to earn a living for their families and themselves. Indian trucks are heavily decorated because they are like home for the truck drivers when they are transporting goods from one place to another and secondly they believe, the better looking the truck the better business for them. Not only this but automobile decoration carries a message about the drivers philosophy, goodluck charms and messages from families. The same case is with a taxi. The better looking and maintained the taxi the more business it gets. Hence it was best to marry the two aspects that influence a taxi driver the most – their NEED to make their taxis look attractive and their RESPONSIBILITY as a society to remind them to drive safely and lawfully for the sake of their own selves, their families and others who share the road with them. It’s an effort to point out loud a better and safe driving culture among the taxi drivers in the city.


a century of revolt

This concept is designed by Kunel Gaur and speaks about a hundred year old generation of 20 somethings that saw the same dream. a free India. It is a one hundred yers of revolt spread over 8 meters of Taxi Fabric. This concept speaks about the desperation of the young Indians for freedom. Speaking of his design, Kunel adds, “My original idea was to do a fresco inspired piece around the Indian independence, I thought of dedicating it to those I admire for the courage and strength to carry on a war for freedom, for over 100 years – the freedom fighters. I wanted to show them floating hand-in-hand in a utopian scene of a free India that they must have dreamt of when they took it upon themselves to fight for it.”


city as objects

This concept is designed by Sameer Kulavoor and speaks about if the city were an object, what would it be? Sameer says,“I moved to my own home in Mumbai a few months back and also moved studio recently. The whole process has been exhausting and fulfilling at the same time. I was thinking about how this city challenges you at every step and you how come out stronger through those experiences. My design ‘City As Objects’ compares the city with objects/tools of daily use. I find the analogy interesting in a dark but funny way. It’s a tribute to the resilience of the people of Bombay. If one can make it here, he/she can make it anywhere in the world!” Sameer finds India’s diversity to be highly inspiring. In fact, he finds it overwhelming at times.“Every state in India has its own culture, traditions and history. India often seems like a collection of different small countries. There’s a lot to learn from our past as well as our present for designers and I wish we stopped aping the west.”



Designed by Ankita Shinde, this concept speaks about pausing for a moment and enjoying the small joys of life. The attempt was to create a Taxi that urges you to STOP.BREATH.FEEL before it takes you anywhere. In a city like Mumbai, days do not just pass by they sprint at excessive speeds. It is almost like an F1 car race just whiz past before your eyes. Each day is like racing behind the other in a super hurry.
Speaking of her design, Ankita explains, “I met my taxi driver and the taxi owner today. When I asked them what they like about the city and what are the places they go to in their free time, they replied- “There is no free time. We are always so busy running our business. We don’t go anywhere or do anything. We just take the customers to the places they want to go to.” This sentence made my idea that I had in my mind even stronger. Elaborating further on the thought process behind her design, Ankita adds,“ I want to tell people to pause for a bit, breathe and indulge in the small joys, feel things, like yoga, writing, painting, dancing in the rain. I want to make the people feel a sense of calmness as soon as they sit inside this taxi. The illustrations I place all around the taxi interiors will serve as a mood board/suggestion board for them to do these things and feel a sense of calm in this crazy city.”

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