How To Design Your Kid’s Room

Designing you kids room with your own hands can be a dream for you as a parent. It is one of the toughest jobs as you can never know what your child can start liking or disliking within moments. Let us help you out in making your little one’s room a beautiful space to live in for him/her.

Start by understanding that it is not just a room to sleep in for your child, it would be the place where he would play, study, spend some alone time and have fun with his friends. While decorating your kids room, you will have to think like them.

First of all, you need to think of a theme for your child’s room, get to know his interests, it could be anything ranging from a Mogly, Tom & Jerry to Space Ship and a Doll House.

tom and jerry kids room

Second most important thing, do not forget to organize each and every thing in the room according to their height, the wardrobes, benches, shelves and every other thing so that they do not face any kind of difficulty.

height and proportion of the room

When it comes for selecting a color, do not choose a really bright or a dark color, go for a light and peaceful color. Children grow faster than we think, so do their mindset. Try not to make anything permanent, go for removable wall covers, transferable display boards and removable decorations.

doll theme room

There must be ambient lightening in the room along with a reading light where he can reach easily at night. Avoid the market decorations, try to indulge with your child and make things on your own, have his hand or footprints, display or hang his work, his cute sketches, colorings, make a collection for him, postcards, stamps, whatever he likes.

personalised room decor

Get to know your kid better, have fun while making his/her room a memorable space to live in which will be cherished for rest of his/her life.

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