Designer Miral Shah- Interview


Miral shah is a charming young interior designer. He has done various projects in his career and each one is a beauty in itself. When we asked him for an interview he was gladly ready for it. He was extremely cooperative and thatis what gave us an insight about his professionalism. Below are a few questions we chose toask him. H2designo could never thank him enough for this and wishes him all the success for the future.

Tell us something about Yourself ?
Hi! I am Miral Shah. I’m a graduate of Rachana Sansad in Interior Designing with an experience of 9 years. Since I was very young, I always had an inclination towards aesthetics & design. Perhaps at a tender age when boys spending time on cricket field, I found solace in doing creative stuff.

How would you put your journey from being a student to a Professional today?
It was a great learning experience working with the best of architects & designers in the industry.

Describe that moment of “wanting to start your own setup”?
My tryst of wanting to start on my own was when I was approached to work for one of my cousin. It required remodeling of a residential space. Surprisingly, the aesthetics of the space were very much appreciated by the owner and their friends.


What is it that draws you apart from the crowd?
Being versatile & flexible, not sticking to just one form or style of design draws me apart. And it keeps me driven to design.

What are the types of services you provide?
I provide interior design services and counsel for every stage from design development to implementation, remodeling & construction for both residential & commercial spaces.

What is your procedure for establishing a Design Budget?
There is no thumb rule as such. The budget will be greatly influenced by the size of the room or space, style of decor, the type of furniture, finishes, furnishings, desired time lines, contractors on board, etc.


How much time do you like to spend on your work weekly (designing & site visits)?
45-50 hrs. Including site visit when required, mostly once to twice in a week per site.

What kind of projects interest you the most?
I think small spaces interests me more as they are more challenging. Apart from being aesthetically nice and appealing, the space has to be more functional. The furniture has to work as double duty & multi purpose.

What type of projects have you tapped in the last years?
Hospitality being my forte I have done lots of residential, bungalows & a few commercial.


Tell us about your favourite project so far ?
Mahajan Residence at Lower Parel.

Tell us about a time when a client was upset with the design choices you made. How did you handle it?
None so far.

What kind of details do you take care of ,while designing?
Details like Client’s requirements, taste/ style & budget with function & aesthetics is taken care of while designing.


What has been your biggest challenge so far?
Converting a small closed garage into an office on the ground level + mezzanine with an SUV to park.

As a designer what are your obsessions(materials , forms , design etc) ?
I’m obsessed with more organic and Indian origin materials like sandstones, Indian textile, intricate carvings, etc.

Your idol (if any) ?
Philippe Starck & Zaha Hadid.



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