Diksha Gupta-Store Interiors

entrance view

Diksha Gupta has done a 3 year Government Diploma from School of Interior Design, Rachna Sansad. She is currently pursuing Advance Diploma and Bachelor of Design at Raffles Design International, Mumbai. We feel it takes immense dedication to be willing enough to study your subject of interest in such detail. She believes that it is better to gain the complete knowledge in the design field before she actually steps into the professional world.

ground floor

We hereby bring to you the Men’s Retail Store designed by her during her course in Raffles International. The store spans over 150 sq mt, comprising of a ground and mezzanine floor. The design is inspired from leather coil belt.

When we asked her to share her experience with us she said that “Designing a place which has everything of your choice is a One’s Dream but it is not easy as it seems on paper. In a men’s retail store, the look of the store changes depending on the type of clothes you wish to sell. One cannot imagine Higo Boss having a rustic heavy interiors and selling 3 piece suits or have Ed Hardy going all elegant with glass, marble and steel and sell punk clothes. Understanding these basics and coming to a conclusion was the most difficult aspect while pre-designing and designing. Hence the brand played a very important role in deciding the look and feel of the store.”

styling zone

The client requirements included a billing desk, display section for the men casual wear, accessories section, display shelves, styling zone and a store room. The colours in the store are inspired by reverse Pop Art wherein majorly neutral colours were used for flooring, ceiling and walls and bright colours were used only for display purposes.

display racks

Being a men’s retail store the design deploys use of hard and rough materials like timber, concrete exposed bricks etc, all in their natural forms to add to the masculinity of the store. Street lamps have been used as a key feature element inducing warm white light and to add the correct focus to the products being displayed.

sectional elevtaions

We love the thought process behind the entire zoning and conceptualization of the store. The perfect blend of simplicity and style, quite living up to the masculinity of a men’s retail store. We thus wish Diksha All The Best for her future.


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