Diwali Home Decor Ideas

diwali decor

It’s a very ancient practice in India to make homes ready for festivals by spring cleaning,scrubbing, arranging and sometimes even renovating homes.There is no doubt about the fact that this cleaning and decorating activity lends a new soul to the home and adds to the festive and serene vibe.
But gone are the days when most people would live in joint families facilitating a big spruce­up army.Nuclear families with all working members often find it very stressful to live up to what is expected out of them during festivals.
But worry not. There are a lot of small but very effective changes that you can bring about in your homes to make it look all set for Diwali Home Decor. Adopt these simple measures and relish all the compliments that the guests shower on you for doing up the house so well for the festival.

Cut the clutter:

clutterBoring as it may sound, this has to be your first step.take a day off or sacrifice a Sunday and sift through all your stuff, to remove what you don’t need.This may not only lead you to some extra room for storage but may throw up that old vase you forgot you owned or that favourite bag you thought you had lost. Segregate the discarded stuff into usable and unusable stuff. While the useless stuff may be trashed immediately, try passing on the usable stuff to your domestic staff,or that street dweller family that always waves out to you. Giving away stuff will bring in a positive feeling,after all festivals are all about sharing happiness,aren’t they?

Rearrange: rearrangeIf the size of your home and furniture permits, change the set up of your drawing room and bedroom. Remember that neglected corner of your sitting area that only your side table occupies? Make that the focus by making it a cozy place to unwind with a book or putting up that statue that you bought but never figured where to put. Anything that is different from what was there before is new.Give a new face to your home, by simply changing the way the furniture is arranged. If there isn’t too much scope for major changes, you could just switch the positions of the dining and lounging area.



Remember those paintings you picked up from your family vacation in the hills? Now’s the time to bring it out. Make that empty boring wall of your living room the centre of attraction by hanging up that painting. Who said you need expensive popular works of art to make your décor look classy? Just pick up your brushes and unleash your inner artist onto the canvas. Or get a friend to make you a painting that goes with or is in complete contrast to your walls.

Ditch the AC:

4aNow this may be difficult in polluted parts of the city but if you are fortunate enough to have clean air around your home(I.e. if you live up on the higher floors or are away from the polluted areas), let the windows be your air conditioners. A well cross ventilated home would have so much of fresh air and light coming in that the atmosphere automatically become cheerful. Use aroma candles, incense sticks or pot pouri to add a hint of fragrance.

Flower power:

flower power

Natural flowers bring color and cheer to life. Not to forget their sweet fragrance. Place fresh flowers in each room every day and see your mornings bloom cheerfully just like them. If real flowers are not your thing, get hold of a good assorted bunch of real looking artificial flowers. Mix and match to get a whole variety of floral arrangements that will never wither, smell or attract bees.

Light up:


Lights play a very important role in setting up the mood of your home. If you normally use white light, opt for a change to yellow tinged ones. This will change the face of your home bathed in yellow light. So festive! For those looking for slightly experimental ideas, try wrapping your light bulbs with colored cellophane paper that matches the color scheme of your walls. Funky but very cheerful and bright. Fairy lights are not just meant to adorn your window or balcony. Bring them indoors. Put them up around your family pictures wall or your dresser or just tape them up around the floor perimeter of your drawing room. This is sure to instantly brighten the place and give it the festive feel.

Below we share a video with you  on how to make  a beautiful and elegant Diwali Rangoli.

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