Dramatic Interiors

Dramatic Interiors

Drama as an impression has different perspectives. Every individual perceives drama in a different sense. But it is extremely interesting when drama is added to the world of designing. Imagine having an element of drama in every space possible. It would always leave you wanting more. Today at H2Designo we bring to you some inspirational images of what we think could rather be called Dramatic Interiors.

Coloured Sofas

Drama could be created in a space through a certain focal point or rather by adding something you thought would not fit in to the rest of the interiors of the space.The above pictures well describe Drama with context to the overall appeal to the complete space. The colours of the sofas simply add to the mood of the space.

Dramatic Yellow Sofa

How much Drama can a simple yellow coloured sofa add to a room!? The sofa pressed to the wall along with the frames adorned on the wall are the most perfect thing to happen to a room.


Wouldn’t you agree that those golden frames on that wallpaper along with the pendant lights are rightly adding much needed Drama to the space!? It does not take too much effort to create drama, all it needs is a thought and some implementation.


We feel the show-stealer of the above image are the chairs. The shape of the chairs is the perfect definition of drama in a room.

Dramatic Bathrooms

Who says Drama is limited to only bedrooms or living rooms. Drama can be added to any bathroom as much as any given space. A simple out of the box wall panel or wall piece can do wonders to the definition of dramatic interiors.

 Image Courtesy Google, Pinterest & www.houzz.com

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