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Eclectic style is a combination of styles in order to design an environment which will have an artistic taste, specific connective element and a great look, all looking like one great design. Eclectic Interiors can rightly be defined as the selection of what is the best in various other styles.


One might wonder how is it possible to mix together completely different variety of things and make it look like one piece of design style!? It of course requires great efforts, thoughts, creativity and hardwork to make any project look great in the eclectic style.

eclectic interiors

It is important for the space to look logically interconnected and this can be done by harmoniously working on furniture, colour, fabrics and finishes to make sure you create one amazing and complete masterpiece.


In short with the eclectic mix one can simply overcome and stylistic stagnation and easily innovate a décor that suits their needs and personality. Letting go of rigid stylistic boundaries and figuring out your own way of styling is the most fun part of interior designing.


Some of the typical characteristics of the eclectic style are given below:
• The calm and harmonious mix of different styles and periods
• Background colours should be neutral yet there should be a celebration of contrasts.
• Uniqueness in the use of art and furnishing along with the unexpected use of items and materials.
• Old easily mixable with new and a “pulling together” feel through pattern, shape, texture, colour and finish. Avoidance of clutter.

eclectic details
Here is how you can perfectly break down the eclectic style:

Colours: The palette can vary but most commonly neutral colours are used to help tie all the elements together in a room. Bold colours are used inorder to give the needed drama to the space. They act almost like a highlighting element and make it easy to make the space look complete.

Fabrics: Patterned, textured or both, quite define the eclectic look. Choose your favourite colour scheme and stick to the neutrals as your base.

wall art

Furniture: Lines, materials and finishes of the pieces in any room are tied together with fabrics, paints and more refined or roughed up finishes.

Finishes: The combination of textures and finishes sets an eclectic look apart from other styles. Go ahead and choose the best of what you love in every style and go the eclectic way.

eclectic style


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