Eye-Catching Modern Chandeliers For Your Homes

modern chandeliers

A modern, rustic or a dripping chandelier can add the much needed importance and dazzle to any room. A striking chandelier or light fixture serves to be the perfect accessory for any well composed room. It is style on high indeed. Whether it is to create the perfect focal point in the room, or to create a rather trendy way of lighting, a chandelier can do it all so perfectly.

black chandelier

There is both art and science involved in designing any space and we thus guide you today on how to measure the size of chandelier perfect for your space and then how to go about placing it in the most correct manner.

sparkling chandelier

Measure the length and width of your room in feet and add both the numbers together. Use in inches, the number you derive from the addition. This will determine the diameter of your chandelier. Incase you wish to make a big statement with the chandelier add an additional 6-8 inches to the derived diameter. Also keep in mind the positioning of your chandelier while deriving the size. Make sure it does not hinder movement in the room and is smaller than the object it is placed above.

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Now for the placement within the room. Measure the height of your room. For a ceiling height of about 8feet (96 inches), the bottom of the fixture should be 60 inches from the floor. Now again you need to consider the visual complexity of the piece and could even have it 65 inches above the floor. Incase your ceiling is taller than 8 feet, add 2 inches to every foot. So if your room height is 10 feet, your chandelier needs to be above 64 inches from the floor.


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