Fatty Bao-The Decor Take

Which of us located in Mumbai quite gives a miss to the Trending or Newly Opened tab on Zomato?? It is my all-time favourite too. Today we at H2Designo are bringing to you the interior side of your favourite eatery outlet. We too love to not just try these new places but always love to check what is new with the interiors of that space.


Today we are talking about THE FATTY BAO-THE ASIAN GASTRO BAR located on Linking Road, Bandra(W).
Fatty Bao is a simple idea not so new to Mumbai one that of a modern Asian eatery with a plush bar too. We have Mamagoto much before Fatty Bao, Kofuku is the more authentic kind and Saizen is the uberly Stylish one. Even though the concept is not new to the city Fatty Bao gives you a fresh experience on flavours, tastes, interiors and so much more, making Fatty Bao one of the most exciting and trending openings this season.

bar stools

What we loved the most about this place are the wallpapers, the differently shaped chairs and other furniture, panda printed windows and the amazing cutlery compensating the entire space. There is nothing is this space that is not quite appealing to one’s eyes. It is super cute we say!!!
This space was designed to bring the Asian culture into vibe. Designer Anshu Arora who has worked on this space quoted “The idea was to bring in lot of aspects of Asia, like the bao map, the pop colours and the little panda at the bar. We wanted to recreate a fun Asian experience in a private setting. It’s like a tiny, homey version of the Bengaluru outpost (the latter is spread over two floors). So when you enter Fatty Bao it’s a little world of its own.” Thus giving a very Homey feeling.


Fatty Bao has a small and quite unlikely entrance. This space is loosely divided into al fresco section, a serious dining area and a super bar area with high seating. It is extremely difficult to sit seriously in this cozy space surrounded with hand-painted walls and tables adorned with chopsticks held together by a rubber panda.


The décor like the food is a major talking point and is a confident space. The result of this space is a sudden glaze of childhood through the adult experience of an amazing and tasteful restaurant meal. Not only the food but the entire decor and feel of this space makes you Smile. We give a major thumbs up to it.


We thus wind up with a little bit about what the chef Manu Chandra has to say about the extremely Mumbai friendly Menu – “Of course, our signature dishes are on there, but we wanted to use more local stuff on the menu. The seafood here is great so I decided to do a Bombil bao. Also because we have a better skill set available here – we’ve done more dim sums on the menu. My personal favourite dish on the menu is the Wild Mushroom and Truffle oil dim sum.”


We recommend a must try there the cream cheese and asparagus sushi roll with a delicious tempura crunch layer and Kimchi Baby Potatoes. We also loved the Mango Pannacotta and the Caramel Moussee with chocolate sponge. A complete combination of taste, texture and balance. Already wanting to Go Back!!

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